Charlie Crist Plays Third Wheel on a Boat With Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

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The politically connected Justin Bieber.
When Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are having an Independence Day party on a 155-foot yacht in New York, you better bet former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist is in on it.

Wait, what?

That's what the celeb chasers are saying today, in a strange boat party that apparently also included Russell Simmons.

Apparently confirmed by St. Petersburg politico extraordinaire Peter Schorsch, Bieber and Gomez were on some sort of date that just happened to include the presence of Crist and Simmons.

The New York Daily News also says Crist was along for the ride, although it doesn't say exactly why he was there -- just that he was "weirdly" included.

In fact, there's no other mention of what Crist was doing on the boat, since the interactions between Bieber and Gomez seem to dominate the "news" coverage of the party.

Bieber and Gomez didn't play patty-cake, but, our insider says, they were "playfully roughhousing."

"Justin was holding her hand," the source adds. "And then he did something that made Selena squeal, 'Ow, that hurts!' though she didn't seem genuinely upset."

The hilarity of this whole thing is imaging Crist present for this whole Bieber-Gomez flirtation. We are struggling, very hard, to figure out a single reason why Crist would party it up with the teenaged couple.

Then again, there ain't no party like a Bieber party. Or something like that.

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Fort Lauderdale Resident
Fort Lauderdale Resident

Russell Simons was there because he's a music mogel and Justin Bieber is a popular young singer.  Maybe he's trying to work a business deal with him or wooing him as a producer/promoter.

Charlie Christ was there because Justin Bieber is a popular young singer.  Charlie Christ (allegedly) likes young men and was maybe just trying to woo once said on Seinfeld...not that there's anything wrong with that....unless of course Bieber is yet to turn 18!  C'mon Charlie. Find an adult and open that closet door already pal!

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