Casey Anthony Doppelgänger Reportedly Tries to Back Out of Attack Story

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Casey Anthony (left) and Sammay Blackwell.
It looks like someone doesn't want to be part of the Casey Anthony hysteria that's been sweeping the country.

Late last week, we reported that News 9 had interviewed an Oklahoma woman named Sammay Blackwell who was allegedly attacked by a crazy lady driving a minivan.

Blackwell told the TV station -- in an interview that can be seen on video here -- that her alleged attacker, Shireen Nalley, said, "You look like Casey Anthony."

Shortly thereafter, Blackwell was driving her truck home from work when she was struck by Nalley's minivan, causing her truck to flip, according to a police report.

Blackwell told the local news station after the alleged attack, "She said that I was trying to hurt babies [that] I was killing babies, and she was going to stop me before it happened again."

Now TMZ -- unsurprisingly -- has started a rumor on the interwebs that the story is false.

"The story making the rounds that a Casey Anthony look-alike was attacked because of her resemblance to the notorious former defendant is bogus -- this according to the alleged victim," TMZ says.

Blackwell sure enough did say that Nalley name-dropped Casey Anthony but now reportedly says she never said that.

The police sure never said anything about Casey Anthony. Here's the police report from the Chouteau Police Department, which never makes any mention of her:

According to the police report, the cops say Nalley told them she was "trying to save the children," which does slightly corroborate the Casey Anthony reference.

Then again, the cops also say Nalley urinated on herself and told police to "just throw me in the pond," while cops say she was "severely impaired on an unknown drug."

Since Blackwell explicitly said Casey Anthony in her interview, we're going to file this one under "media regret."

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