Casey Anthony Effect: Weird Church Service Holds Retrial; Pastor's Odd Conspiracy Theory

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The Casey Anthony hysteria has now gotten religulous.

According to a TV station in Cleveland, Ohio, a church called the In Touch With Christ Christian Center held a retrial for Casey Anthony as part of its Sunday service.

Under the guidance of the Rev. Una Keenon, a retired Cleveland municipal court judge, 12 parishioners/jurors decided the mock fate of Anthony based on TV coverage they'd seen of the trial, Fox 8 says.

The result: A hung jury -- with eight voting "guilty" and four going for "not guilty."

Here's what Fox 9 says went down in the Lord's house on Sunday:

"I pleaded not guilty because like Rev. Keenon said, it goes behind the facts of the case and they didn't have 100-percent of the facts saying that she was guilty," "juror" Darius Coleman said.

"I feel like even if she didn't murder her child by her own hands, she played a part in it, so she's guilty by association, so that's why I voted guilty for her," Tamika White said.

The church's pastor, Bishop Prince Moultry, said the most important message Sunday was to protect the many children in the Cleveland community at risk of falling to the same fate as little Caylee.

Then there's Indiana preacher Paul Begley.

Begley has uploaded his Casey Anthony conspiracy theory to the internet, claiming that as Anthony found out she'd be released from jail shortly after her sentencing, lightning struck where the body of her daughter, 2-year-old Caylee Anthony, was found.

He quotes an article from Yahoo! in which some woman from Orlando says she thinks the lightning strikes were from angels.

Don't worry; Begley's not crazy enough to think angels did it.

"Now, I don't believe the angels did this," Begley says. "I'm gonna tell you something. God did this. God has the power -- he controls the weather."

Begley then briefly states that evidence of hell can be found on Saturn as well as Iceland.

Here's the video, but make sure to turn the volume down a bit because this guy apparently likes to scream things:

In case you missed it, this comes just weeks after Nancy Grace proclaimed that "the devil is dancing" after the verdict.

Grab your tinfoil, folks. It's getting crazy out there.

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psst.. check the local news in orlando, the site where remains of Caylee were found was struck, police officers witnessed as the stood guard to the neighborhood just after Casey was sentenced.  Oh and YES there is a PHOTO of the tree clearly showing a vein running spiral around the tree trunk from the top of the tree, and yes the tree is VERY TALL.  There was a storm that day.  I am not saying GOD did or didn't cause the weather or storm, I am just saying  what is factual instead of making this man out to be really unstable.


Wow. This whole thing is hilarious huh? Fuck you Sally.


If'n God wanted Caseyu to be found guilty..then she have been

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