Camo Coozie: Someone Finally Puts a Vibrator in a Beer Koozie

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Anatomically correct placement of the Camo Coozie
Aren't you tired of not getting off while holding your beer in a regular foam beer koozie?

Problem solved: A pair of brothers have created the Camo Coozie, which combines the traditional beer koozie with a miniature vibrator.

Ryan Sputh, who created the Camo Coozie alongside his brother Carl, says it all got started on the island of Saint Martin.

"My brother and I were in Saint Martin drinking a beer, and he said, 'They should put a vibrator in one of these things,'" Sputh says. "A girl walked out with a camouflage bikini, he said 'Camo Coozies,' and we both, pretty much at the same time, said, 'They'll never see you comin'.'"

And so it began two years ago, and the brothers have been relying on word of mouth to spread the buzz.

Where the magic happens

"The small pocket rocket vibrator is conveniently camouflaged behind the drink coozie," their website vibrantly explains. "No one will know that it's there... meaning you can enjoy personal pleasure whether you're at home or on the go!"

Sputh says that it's good as a gag gift for bachelorette parties and the like and that "people have a lot of fun with them."

So, ladies, stop sitting around with an idle insulated beer can between your legs -- it costs only $14.95 (plus shipping) to get your buzz.

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