Boobs Ban: Florida's Prisons Boss Prohibits State Inmates From Possessing Porn

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Centerfolds are now contraband in Florida prisons, thanks to state prison boss Edwin Buss.

According to a memo from Buss to all state Department of Corrections facilities, any inmate found "introducing, possessing or passing pornographic material shall be punished to the maximum extent" of the state's administrative code.

The problem, apparently, was that Buss saw some boobs posted on a wall on a recent prison trip, and he didn't like that too much.

According to the St. Petersburg Times, Buss was "shocked to see a Playboy centerfold pinned up in a common area, visible to inmates, staff members, and visitors."

To deal with this absolutely abhorrent display of nudity, Buss dropped the ban hammer in the memo, which was signed with Friday's date.

Here's what is now banned by the Department of Corrections:

...material that verbally or pictorially depicts actual or simulated intercourse; masturbation; sadomasochist abuse; lewd exhibition of genitals or contact with unclothed genitals; buttocks, pubic area, or female breasts; acts of sexual battery or simulated sexual battery; and nudity creating the appearing of imminent sexual conduct (e.g., display of aroused sexual organs).

This comes just a couple of months after Buss outlawed cigarettes from all his prison joints, because, ya know, smoking is bad.

The new boobs ban goes into effect immediately.

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Although one might justify a ban on public display of nude images, it seems a bit much to ban "soft porn" such as Playboy magazine from being read by prisoners in their cells.

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