Boca Raton Cop Says Porn Stash on Work Computer Came From Search of Jujitsu Videos

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This is not Officer Samuel McCoy, although the picture does reportedly show a police officer from Columbus, Ohio, watching some porn.
Do you know where to find "Adult Obese Dating Thong Big Boobs" and other glorious titles on the internet? On a Boca Raton police officer's work computer, according to an internal affairs report released to the Sun-Sentinel yesterday.

Officer Samuel McCoy, 30, was suspended for a few days after the investigation reportedly revealed 26 porno pictures on his work laptop as well as a bunch of other "erotic" photos and "sexually suggestive videos" -- in addition to clicking on a few links with not-so-casual titles* like "My Juicy Blonde," "Bigger Black Butts," and the aforementioned "Big Boobs" link.

As one not willing to admit a porn stash, McCoy reportedly told investigators he was looking for jujitsu videos before clicking on the links that "piqued my interest," the paper says.

The Sentinel reports that McCoy told investigators he didn't recognize the pics on his computer but said that he looked at some of the other stuff while he was off-duty.

He reportedly said some of the pictures were sent to his personal email account, where he deleted them upon receipt.

As Ronnie from Jersey Shore would say, "Deny, deny deny."

It all started when someone from the city happened to notice a few months ago that the married McCoy was a member of a dating website for swingers.

An investigation was launched that allegedly found 26 nudie pics, 104 snapshots of "women in erotic bathing suits or underwear," and 23 "sexually suggestive videos" from the YouTubes, the Sentinel says.

McCoy was suspended for 84 hours without pay, the paper reports.

This isn't the first time McCoy has had penis problems at work, according to the Sentinel.

He was reportedly caught by a surveillance camera in April "taking pictures of his genital area while on duty," leading to his being suspended without pay for 36 hours.

The paper says McCoy told investigators he "had a medical condition he had to document," although he said he didn't send the pictures to anyone and subsequently deleted them.

*The not-so-subtle titles were referenced in an earlier edition of the Sun-Sentinel's article, which has since been edited.

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Not everything the media reports is accurate. I personally know this cop and he is 100% honest, caring, and so damn what if he looked at porn...who doesnt? Becuase he is a cop it makes him a criminal? WTF? It wasnt child porn or some other illegal mess. How many times have YOU clicked on a website and pop ups flood your pc? Hell, check my pc and tons of crap will come up (most of which I never really clicked on). Get lives people. Stop trying to hang the people that risk their lives to protect and serve. If they legit do something illegal...hold them accountable...but this story is dumb. REALLY DUMB!

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

Kind of same thing happened to Brad Chalker.   Once former campaign manager for Steve Gonot, busted over porn and swinging on his cop laptop.  All found due to an investigation into his illegal usage of DAVID to pull up my family's personal information.


As an officer in uniform and on duty collecting a check from the tax payers money his time would be better spent on doing his job serving and protecting. How can he take an active role of watching over the community he is suppose to be serving if his eyes are glued to Bigger Black Butts or some other porn. I agree that a majority of men look at porn, face it sex sells. However, most also do it in the comfort of their own home. I am almost certain the p.c. he used is property of the county therefore using it for any other purposes not pertaining to work should be punishable. In my opinion since he is suppose to be a protector of the people and has a authoritive power, I don't think it would be over doing it if he had to have a psycho evaluation. If priests, teachers, and other less authoritive figures are being found wrongfully touching children what's next officers and judges? They are people too.


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