Ben Preston Elected as New Deerfield Beach Commissioner

Ben Preston
Ben Preston, the first African-American firefighter in Deerfield Beach's history, has been chosen by voters through a special election as the city's newest commissioner.

According to unofficial results from the Broward County Supervisor of Elections, Preston has defeated former Commissioner Gloria Battle by 15 votes to become the District 2 commissioner for Deerfield Beach.

Preston replaces alleged public-record falsifier Sylvia Poitier, who was removed midterm as she faces five misdemeanor charges.

Unfortunately for Preston, if Poitier is acquitted from the crimes or the charges are dropped, he'll have to relinquish the seat back to Poitier.

The voter turnout wasn't exactly stellar.

Just 663 of the district's 8,639 voters turned out, or 7.67 percent.

The previous election didn't garner that many more votes -- just 762 -- but Preston was walloped then by Poitier by nearly 300 votes just a few months ago.

In yesterday's special election, though, Preston received 216 votes, ahead of Battle (201), Rev. Anthony L. Davis (163), Andre Samuels (79), and one write-in vote.

Preston has been a Deerfield Beach resident for 30 years, was hired as the city's first African-American firefighter in 1972 -- where he worked for 26 years before retiring -- has a master's degree from Florida International University, and has owned his own company, Preston Student Athlete Services, for 20 years.

He was one of just two of the candidates who've never been accused of shady dealings in the past, along with Samuels, although, as we've mentioned before, Davis was never formally accused of anything, and an investigation into Battle found no wrongdoing.

Deerfield Beach's two biggest bloggers, Chaz Stevens and David Cody -- who are often at odds with each other -- had differing opinions of Preston.

Cody, who had endorsed Samuels, said on his blog that Preston, along with Davis, "just have political rhetoric and platitudes."

Stevens wrote an open letter to Preston on his blog after a candidate forum, saying, "You look, think, and act the role. The City will be very well served with you representing District #2."

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Max Steiner
Max Steiner

Ben Preston is a stand up guy and of the utmost moral character. He was a great role model for his son. He was also a great mentor and motivator for fellow student athletes at Cardinal Gibbons. Congrats Ben! Good luck and Godspeed.

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

Cody? My competition? Ha!

Dood.  I get thousands of hits a day to my blog.

Cody?  He hangs out with convicted sexual predators.

David Cody
David Cody

I think that was point that many District 2 residents were making...that he is a stand up guy, but he doesn't stand up for District 2 where he is now the elected CC.  20 years of helping Cardinal Gibbons and atheletes in Pompano and District 1 and other parts of teh City and not one volunteer hour in District he does have a lot to do to gain the approval of those of us who don't live in Cyberland...check out my post http://myperspectiveis.blogspo...

David Cody
David Cody

Well thank GOD that I don't associate with people who beat woman...maybe that's why Hendley mentioned that we are often at odds.  According to you I like sexual predators and according to the Palm Beach County Court System and their Sheriff's office documents you like beating much so you got charged as a repeat offender...member that!!!  Your record does speak for itself as opposed to mine, unfornately yours is a police record and mine is publicly trying to ensure that all individuals get justice and due process in the Democratically void City of Deerfield Beach. Check out my latest post at http://myperspectiveis.blogspo... and make up your own minds.


Uh, idiot, Hendley said:

"Deerfield Beach's two biggest bloggers, Chaz Stevens and David Cody -- who are often at odds with each other -- had differing opinions of Preston. "

Nothing was said about Cody being your "competition".

Stop tossing your BS along with your poop and pee.

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