Hacker Claims to Have Gone Deeper Into Florida's Election System Amid Safety Claims

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Earlier in the week, a hacker going by the name Abhaxas claimed to have gained access to part of Florida's election system -- allegedly releasing handfuls of voter data to prove a point.

"Who believes voting isn't being tampered with?" Abhaxas had posted on Twitter.

Officials from Southwest Florida counties assured inquiring minds that there was no way the hacking could influence future elections in one way or another and that Abhaxas had gained access to only slightly sensitive information.

Abhaxas begs to differ, with new information released yesterday.

What Abhaxas allegedly released appears to be the file directory for the state's voting database, which may show further access to the state's election system -- although it's impossible to tell, since all that was posted was the text of the directory, which shows files such as "elections.csv," "users.csv," among others.

"Yet after some research, I've found out 1 company manages all but 6 county's voting sites -- hosted on the same server....," Abhaxas posts. "Also, the place that I hacked last time is vulnerable again.. so much for safe and secure as they said."

Officials from both Collier and Lee counties told NBC-2.com that it's impossible for Abhaxas' alleged breach to influence elections.

However, they also let the news outlet know the criminal implications of altering ballots and said law enforcement is getting involved in the matter.

At the same time, Abhaxas has not made any declaration of intention to alter ballots but said, "I got the idea from it taking roughly 10 minutes to have read/write access to their systems. If i did it, who else has."

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A viable and realistically strict Voter ID law should be a no-brainer for those interested in honest elections.


It's not hard to imagine there being security issues at the county level and then that altered data being sent up to the central State database. I don't think of this relates to ballots directly, but if you could make your county have more registered voters or potential registered voters, its not hard to see how some ACORN type groups could take advantage of it Chicago style.

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

I have a few questions.

1)  What file access rights did Abhaxas gain?   I would assume some form of roles based permission management.

2) Can an executable payload be uploaded and launched?

3) What is the size of this sandbox?  What else is in this sandbox?

4) Can someone please change the login credentialing from "admin/password" to something else?

Whatever the case, it is highly disconcerting to learn that an unauthorized user can gain access to this file system.

Well, if you really want to lose sleep over voting fraud, research Diebold voting machines and in particular, one county in Florida that wanted to ban the use of those machines.


.csv is a simply an Excel file and stands for "comma-separated values". It's basically a text file with each column separated by a comma. It would be possible to alter those documents, but it would require not just write access, but download, upload and delete/replace access. You can't just pop into the file and change it on the fly like a Google doc.

In addition, those files don't appear to be anything particularly sensitive about voters. Judging by the size of the files, I would doubt anything particularly sexy exists in there outside of candidate information. The file that contains all the voter data would likely be far larger than the files listed in that directory listing.


Thanks. I remember the Diebold sham.(the guy who asked you to comment).

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