West Palm Beach Grandmother Gives 8-Year-Old's Teacher a Loaded Gun -- as a Gift

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Probably not the teacher's pet.
Apparently elementary school teachers don't like getting loaded guns as presents from their 8-year-old students or their students' grandmothers.

Regardless, that's what Palm Beach County School District officials are saying happened at Allamanda Elementary School in Palm Beach Gardens.

The kid even knows a thing or two about present-giving etiquette:

District officials say that the .22-caliber handgun was packed into a gift box the student's grandmother gave the teacher in the school parking lot.

The teacher didn't even notice the gesture until getting home and opening the box but apparently wasn't prepared to accept such a gift.

That's when the school district and police were notified, and they are now looking into the loaded present.

The teacher was never hurt or threatened by the 8-year-old kid, according to district spokesperson Nat Harrington.

Update: The district has clarified that the child's grandmother gave the gun box to the teacher. An earlier version of this post stated the kid had gifted the gun.

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The Ancient
The Ancient

This post gets Zero Facts correct

1>  The Kid never had possession of the Weapon, the Child's Grandmother gave the Gift box not the Kid

2> The exchanged happened in the parking lot not in the classroom and it was outside of normal school hours. 

How about some fact checking????


Very informative article. You have both insight as well as courage to say the right thing in a proper manner Business Loan

The Pulp Blog
The Pulp Blog

At the time of the post, no grandmother had been mentioned by the school district. It's since been updated.

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