Lauderdale Lakes Shooting: Vishna Beepot Named as Alleged Shooter

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Vishna Beepot
This morning, the Broward Sheriff's Office announced a shooting inside a Lauderdale Lakes bar -- 12 people were hit by bullets, and two died.

The cops now say the alleged shooter is 26-year-old Vishna Beepot, who died shortly after the gunbattle that occurred inside the bar.

The unarmed man Beepot is said to have been arguing with, 35-year-old Junior Lodge, was also killed in the shooting.

Earlier today, the BSO's Dani Moschella told New Times they got a call at 3:19 a.m. about a shooting at the South Rock Lounge Bar & Grill, described as "a popular but typically peaceful Caribbean strip mall bar."

The shooting started after Beepot allegedly pulled the gun on Lodge, and a security guard at the bar pulled out his gun and attempted to order Beepot to drop his, the cops say.

That led to ten other people inside the bar being shot, although it's still not clear whether all of those bullets allegedly came from Beepot's gun.

The cops have also released the names of the ten injured: Anna Layne, 49; Mervyn Francis, 51; Dwight Jones, 52; Stewart Knott, 31; Josephine Grant, 32; Marlon Dinnall, 21; Shameila Wright, 19; Vincent Robinson, 62; Ayana Murray, 20; and Varindra Lallharry, 24.

Moschella says two sheriff's deputies were off-duty but were hired by the bar as security outside the building at the time of the shooting. She says they were stationed at the front and rear entrances of the bar but did not witness the shooting.

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Joe King
Joe King

Gee, I can't hang out at clubs until 3:45AM; I have to goto work every day to pay my taxes that are going to go to bail out LauderdaleLakes. I'm just happy to know my money is going to people that share my samework ethic and deserve the services my taxes provide. Resources like all of thepolice assets and Medicaid that will be expended on these wonderful folk.


  Too bad for you. I work at night so I get to stay up late and go to bars till 6am, and pay taxes. So only people who work in the daytime have work ehtics?


I to work everyday and pay taxes.sometimes want to enjoy myself.sad to say there are some ignorent peaple out there. sorry for those injured .knowing them i can say the're hard working peaple who pay taxes also.


In response to char (obviously a jungle bunny).  By the names alone, and certanly the pictures, at least half were jungle bunnies and should be taken on a one way trip somewhere.  Probably spending the welfare checks, and selling food stamps for booze, or something else for money.  I pay my taxes, but would not go to a bunny bar for any reason.  Safe???  not to safe if a cop at both doors!  SEND THE animals back to africa where they can live the life!


thats pretty low to have posted that last comment: "and beside this asshole got what he got always been a trouble maker " did u even know any of these people?


and beside this asshole got what he got always been a trouble maker

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