False Weed Is Back and Legal -- for Now

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That is allegedly real weed, but it's also in an alligator's mouth.
Synthetic marijuana, spice, fake weed -- whatever you want to call it. It's back.

The feds but the kibosh on the nonweed a few months ago, banning the five chemicals that were producing THC-like effects.

Now, manufacturers have developed a new strain for their "incense," which includes a recipe the Drug Enforcement Agency doesn't yet disallow.

Meet Barely Legal Incense -- marketed as being legal and ten times stronger than the original false weed formula.

At the end of this week, having more than three grams of the real fake weed -- not this new product -- becomes a felony in Florida under a new law. Possessing under three grams becomes a misdemeanor.

Luckily for Floridians -- if you're into the false weed thing -- the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office has effectively proven that the "Barely Legal Incense" is legal.

According to Secaucus New Jersey News, PBSO investigators intercepted 800 deliveries of the new stuff in the mail.

After they tested the substance, they found it didn't have any of the banned chemicals, and the packages were returned to their rightful owners.

The primary chemical that was used in synthetic cannabis, JWH-018, was banned in the United States along with a few other compounds. Luckily for those hip to chemistry, there are more than a few similar chemicals that are still legal.

Florida Poison Information Center employees told the Sun-Sentinel that there has been a recent increase in calls related to ingestion of fake weed -- 197 statewide since January.

It's not the real thing, but if synthetic weed is what piques your interest -- your loophole has opened.

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Ziah Jolley
Ziah Jolley

This stuff is crap. Would you dare use this junk instead of finding the real thing if you needed it?  Some of these people are on Facebook selling this stuff and I've heard you can overdose on the chemicals. We need to legalize and do it now. I praise Ron Paul and Barney Frank for trying to do something about this. But Obama....the person everyone voted for just laughed about legalization in March. I say we laugh right back when it comes voting time. P.S. I penciled in Ron Paul and will do it again.



I hate that I actually agree with Ron Paul on this one.  Heres hoping the bill that he and Barney Frank wrote will actually go somewhere to at least decriminalize the use of weed.


Am I the only one that thinks this is nuts? We are forcing people to use these untested probably hazardous chemicals when a natural, proven safe over thousands of years alternative exists. I dont get it. 


Bingo. The need to alter the mood is needed more now than ever

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