Scott Rothstein Saga: Feds Looking to Nab a Few More of the Ponzi-Schemer's Cohorts

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The feds have admitted that Ponzi-schemer extraordinaire Scott Rothstein has been singing like a bird, but now it's a bit too much.

Prosecutors from the U.S. Attorney's office entered an objection to a ruling made by a U.S. bankruptcy judge ordering the return of Rothstein to Fort Lauderdale for a deposition in front of creditors owed money by his now-defunct law firm.

The prosecutors' objection is that the feds are working on a multiperson indictment involving several of Rothstein's old Ponzi pals, and they're afraid Rothstein would tip off the suspects during his deposition.

"It is anticipated that an additional multi-defendant indictment will be forthcoming," the prosecutors write in Fridays' filing. "It is difficult to predict with exactitude when the proposed indictment will be returned, but such indictment is anticipated within the next six months."

Prosecutors ask that Judge Raymond B. Ray postpone the date for Rothstein's deposition by 180 days, by which time Rothstein's co-conspirators would be indicted.

The main setback in new prosecution, the feds say, is that they're still combing through around 850,000 emails seized from computers at the Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler law firm.

"Unlike the computers of a typical business, the seizure of computers from a law firm by government agents requires an extensive review by a separate team of government agents and attorneys in order to prevent the prosecutors and investigating agents from viewing any attorney-client information," prosecutors write. "Teams of law enforcement agents have been reviewing these e-mails to determine whether any attorney-client privileges exist which would mandate those e-mails being quarantined from the prosecution team."

The feds say Rothstein still continues to provide them with information about his own criminal activity and the alleged crimes of others -- which he's been doing since November 2009.

They're still looking through "hundreds of thousands of pages" worth of documents and say it's "difficult to predict with exactitude" when the next indictment will be returned.

In the meantime, the feds don't want Rothstein -- "the main repository of information" -- talking to anyone but them.

"If defendant Rothstein were to be deposed, at the present time, it is feared that such corraborating evidence could be concealed, altered or destroyed," prosecutors write. "Rothstein's deposition would provide a detailed explanation of the criminal activities of coconspirators. Such information would alert targets of the investigation as to the specifics concerning their potential criminal liability and would potentially reveal to them the identities of other witnesses against them."

The feds' attempt to block Rothstein's deposition is scheduled to be heard on July 1 before U.S. District Judge James Cohn.

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Spiro Agnew
Spiro Agnew

As far as I'm concerned they should lock up Rosenfeldt, Boden, Stay, Spinosa and half the "feeders". Adler and a few other should be disbarred. The bankruptcy and creditor's lawyers have as much chance deposing Scott before the end of the year as Satz has of getting a promotion. Rothstein is old news anyway. The biggest, baddest crook in the state is Rick Scott. Too bad no one has put a contract out on him.


There is not one sb lawyer at RRA that will stand up and fight,i cant believe they can even sit up straight with the absentees of there skeletal system,they will all be broke or sick and dieing,what happened before the FBI came you were all the men,a bunch of tuff guys suing everybody,treating everyone, and now your a bunch of crying women hiding under your bed now your showing your true colors, you fn lowlife shit birds.GO FEDS !


Go Feds lock all them fn sb lawyers up,there is no way Scott will get deposed until the feds say so and that will be that, keep scrumming you fn lowlife lawyers, feds are coming for you,hey Addler take your depot's and your sanctions and the rest of your law horse shit including but not limited to your wife's ass,and go fuck yourself and Stuart to.Hey why don't you call Scott rothstein's mother and have her help you to sue the government,all these FBI agents are working over 40 hours a week,you can sue the government for overtime pay,maybe you can get a settlement from them, there looking into all your law bs to send you away to prison,you fn sb, lol . Bull Ya !

Patti Lynn
Patti Lynn

Just because no one has posted a comment does not mean that they are not reading your article.  The contents have been cited on other blogs, so, you're doing what you're supposed to...unearthing questionable or noteworthy activities...and bringing them to light.  Good work!


To the point, the Feds should lock up Levin, Adler, Szfranski, the Rabbi who refuses to return Ponzi money, and a bunch of others you haven't  mentioned:  Wheeler, Benjamin, Adderley, Ovi Levy, Mo, LIPPMAN, and many others.


Patti,if these lawyers weren't doing anything wrong they wouldn't be going to jail,I'm not the feds or the judge just reading what your reading,im just enjoying it a little more then you are.listen you have  ideas just like i do,and maybe you don't own your own business and there's nothing wrong with that,i have a felling that if you did own a business you would fell differently,as soon as a lawyer came after your company for free money.also I'm not the court that made the decision either I'm just happy with it,and you will be to in the long run.

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