Rick Scott's Vacation to Canada Nets a Grand Total of 110 Eventual Jobs

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Rick Scott's selling point to the mayor of Toronto was his boots.
Gov. Rick Scott has shown us he can kill 4,500 jobs with the stroke of a pen, but sending him to Canada for a week on a "trade mission" to bring jobs back to Florida didn't go so hot.

Scott's camp says he and his delegation met with 120 Canadian companies last week to bring home a grand total of 110 new jobs -- which is a slight exaggeration.

Just like the governor pretended he brought 100 jobs to Boca Raton -- even though the deal was in the works before he took office -- he also decided to wait until he was in Canada to deceptively reannounce more jobs.

Ten of those 110 jobs he announced on Friday are at UCC Industries International Inc., which has been operating its U.S. headquarters in Tampa for about two and a half months.

They're adding ten more jobs at the steel and concrete distributor in Tampa at an average wage of $44,000.

But of course, the governor had to put on his shiny boots (see picture above) and head to Canada to announce it.

"I am thrilled these two businesses are expanding in Florida," Scott says in a statement. "With three jobs announcements in one week, Florida is clearly on the right path."

One of those jobs announcements actually seems to have been referencing a deal that was made in the past couple of months, but it's hard to tell anymore amid the overt obfuscation.

The Scott flacks say the other 100 jobs are in Opa-locka, where Toronto Sky Aviation will create a new aircraft repair joint, Aircraft Armature Inc.

The plan on that is to add 100 jobs over the next three years.

He's getting closer to breaking even on his promise of bringing 700,000 jobs in seven years but is still a few thousand in the negative after destroying 4,500 state jobs cut in the budget.

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sounds great but it seems its impossible to have this lots of jobs but if this will be rreally happened many people who are jobless will be benefit with this project

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

Breaking down the math Harper's style:

110 jobs per week.  700,000 jobs needed.  That's two carried the pi r squared.  At this rate, to complete this dirty job, Governor Midnight Oil will need:

* 6363.636364 weeks* 122.36 years* 44,451 days* 3,029,806,128 microfortnights

or for the Trekians in the audience, roughly 0.025µGY (Galactic Years).

May the farce be with us.

Don't blame me, I did a write-in vote, putting my faith in Scarlett Johanssen.

City Activist Robert Walsh
City Activist Robert Walsh

This Gov. is poision plain and simple. I mean he states he will create all these jobs well where are they Goober/ i mean he is nothing but like a snake oil sales man that had to pay what 7-8 billion in fines for basiclly ripping off medicare/medicaid. it was either pay up or go to jail. Then Rick scott decides that he ha swhat it takes to be Gov, and just like that spends what 70 million dollars and what do you know he buys himself into the Gov's mansion. Bigot is what this man is. From harassing welfare recipents to convicted felons is a disgrace. he is a bigot. See you in court Goober!!

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