Six Months Later, Rick Scott's Solantic Is Sold

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After six months of conflict-of-interest questions about Gov. Rick Scott's urgent-care chain Solantic, the deal has finally gone through.

The investment firm that bought Solantic -- which the Jacksonville Business Journal reports bought a controlling interest in April -- finished its purchase of the company yesterday.

At the time Scott took office, he had transferred his $62 million investment in Solantic to his wife, but that didn't stop people's suspicions.

Just before the controlling interest was sold, an ethics complaint had been filed against the governor based on reporting from the St. Petersburg Times.

The complaint alleged that several of the policies Scott intended to implement as governor would benefit his wife's investment in the company.

When the governor mandated the drug testing for state employees, that certainly didn't help douse the flames.

The price tag for the sale wasn't released, but the Business Journal says the buyers -- Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe -- claim around $20 billion in total capital.

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David Kearns
David Kearns

Dear "Media" the public has every right to know when a public official receives compensation from other sources while on the job. Particularly if he may have benefited financially from any decision he made while a public official! How much he was renumerated in the sale of Solantic IS A PUBLIC RECORD open to review, subject to legal DEMAND under our "Government in the Sunshine" laws. Someone needs to grow a spine, find a lawyer only 1/3rd as competent as Mr. Baez, and file a writ of mandamus or whatever the heck it is and get us the answer: (listen closely now) HOW MUCH, DID YOU SELL, SOLANTIC FOR, RICK? 


  Rick Scott started Columbia Hospital Corporation and became CEO of that company in 1988.Rick was never fined, and never charged with doing anything wrong – Columbia Hospital Corporation was found guilty and paid $1.7 billion in fines (like 10%?) for Medicare fraud. At the time Scott took office, he had transferred his $62 million investment in Solantic to his WIFE! YES THEY DO PEE TESTS!The Rick Scott Solantic boomerang"Two weeks after insisting he was 'not involved in that company,' Gov. Rick Scott finalized a deal Wednesday to sell Solantic Inc.

Just six days before Rick Scott announced his bid for governor, he was deposed in a case that alleged his healthcare company Solantic had broken Florida law by filing false medical licensing information with the state.But what Scott said April 7 might never be known to the public.Within a month, Solantic settled the 2-year-old case and signed a confidentiality agreement with Dr. P. Mark Glencross, who claimed his medical license was misused by the Jacksonville-based chain of walk-in clinics. The state has no current or former investigations into Solantic over the licensing issue.At the same time the case was quietly settled, the Republican front runner was drawing attention to Solantic on the campaign trail by boasting of his business background and the company's patient-centered, low-cost healthcare model, which provides ``Starbucks style'' transparent pricing at almost 30 clinics around the state.The Glencross lawsuit -- along with nine other court actions filed against the company since 2001 in Duval County -- tells a different story. Taken together, they portray the company, and sometimes Scott by extension, as a ruthless employer who discriminated or cut corners in pursuit of profit.

Model Citizen
Model Citizen

Have Scott's planned or implemented policies made this business more valuable and further enriched him/his wife through the sale of Solantic?  Perhaps he was never able to profit directly from drug testing welfare applicants but maybe he sold the business for more than it would have sold for by ensuring Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe that additional business would be sent their way.  Sweeten the deal through promised legislation?  An investigation is in order.

How much time has the governor spent negotiating the sale of Solantic instead of carrying out the business of the State?


Dear Mr. Kerns,

First, the word is remunerated and not renumerated.  Second Solantic is a privately held company and not publicly held and therefore is not open to review. Finally, the Sunshine Laws of Florida have nothing to do with this.  You can educate yourself on the law here


Anyone who doesn't believe the sale price was affected by his "implemented policies", is comatose. And The tea baggers don't give a damn.  What a pathetic ruse the transfer of the ownership to his wife was/is. Conveyance of assets to deceive is a criminal activity.

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