Mail Prewritten Letters From Rick Scott to Newspapers? Send Rick Scott Mad Libs Instead

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Mad, Mad Libs
Remember that Gov. Rick Scott -- a man who doesn't even read newspapers -- wanted people to mass-mail prewritten letters of his endorsement to local newspapers?

The "Dear Editor, When Rick Scott ran for Governor he promised..." blah blah blah one?

Well, Florida Watch Action has a different idea -- send a Rick Scott-style Mad Libs you can make yourself.

Titled the "Pink Slip Mad Lib Challenge," it encourages you to "take his astroturf letter and fill in the blanks to expose the truth."

We tried it out, with some pretty rad results:

Some of the Tea Partiers are punching the Governor for making tough bong hits...

And that's barely a fraction of all the fun-filled Mad Lib activity you can have at the governor's expense.

The best part is, they'll judge the entries you submit to the site and give the winner a "Pink Slip Rick" T-shirt, affectionately named after the 331,247 job losses Florida Watch Action says have been proposed by the governor.

Feel free to mail your Rick Scott Mad Libs to New Times if you still want to send a Rick Scott letter to a local newspaper, or leave it in the comments below.

Click here to take the "Pink Slip Mad Libs Challenge."

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I love mad libs.  This is a great idea


Rick, how much money will your business and social relations that run the testing facilities make? Where will the poor get the money for the test. Will you have them sell their plasmas?  Will you start a program to have the poor euthanize or maybe sterilized? Will you be taking a drug and alcohol test?   . Jobs are the answers, bring them  back from China, Mexico, and the other countries that big business sent over seas so the rich would get richer and the poor will be committing suicide, Who would want to be homeless.  I believe Americans want to work. Who can live on minimal wage? You focus so much on drug use that you have forgotten the drunks! I will pray that God sends you a heart. Not all the people that are laid off or drug addicts or drunks.

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