Florida Voters Confirm Rick Scott's Suspicion: He's Poison for GOP Presidential Candidates

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Gov. Rick Scott had a revelation last month: He's not a guy you want to be associated with if you're running for president.

The voters -- according to a Public Policy Polling survey released today -- agree with the governor.

A plurality of registered Florida voters, 40 percent, said that because of Rick Scott's actions in office, they're less inclined to vote for the GOP nominee in the 2012 presidential election.

That number climbs to 45 percent among those who responded to the survey as independents.

Twenty-six percent said the opposite -- they'll probably vote for the Republican nominee because of how Scott's been doing.

To take it further, 18 percent said that although they're disappointed in President Obama's job performance, they still wouldn't vote for a GOP candidate because of Gov. Scott.

"In a state that's always decided by two or three points, Scott's unpopularity could really make the difference in tipping the state to Obama," PPP's director, Tom Jensen, wrote to Talking Points Memo.

One thing this survey proves is that Scott really sucks in polls -- results released over the past few months have shown he's the most disliked governor in the United States, he'd lose a re-do election against Alex Sink by 20 points, and even GOP pollsters can't find enough people to help lower his disapproval rating.

So who stands to lose from Scott's lack of popularity? Mitt Romney, according to a poll released yesterday by PPP.

The survey, comprised of Florida voters -- 75 percent of whom identified as conservative -- said they would vote for Romney out of the GOP field in most scenarios.

If former Gov. Jeb Bush were running, however, he would take a ten-point lead over Romney in a primary election, according to the poll.

The next most popular Republicans the respondents said they wanted to be the nominee were Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and Herman Cain.

On a side note, here's a nice representation of how polling results are representing the governor:

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Go Rick Go!! 59 down...41 to go!!


TPM gives Gov Rick Scott higher approval ratings at 30.1% than the figures I've seen.  He was at 29% but recently dropped down to 27%.

@Gefilte_Fish:disqus , there's many reasons why everyone keeps scapegoating Rick Scott.  He's trying to run Florida like a corporation.  Checks and balances in state government, what's that? Even other Republican legislators, ie., Mike Fasano, say he is clueless.  


The leadership of the republican party of florida needs to be replaced soon or obama will win florida and the republicans will get beat up at the poll in 2012. we have seen what the tea party offers. It's bad news.


I do not understand WHY everyone keeps scapegoating Rick Scott. The last time I check, the laws are written by the two bodies of legislature and sign by the executive. Meaning, The REPUBLICANS are the ones ramroding frak up laws against the Florida Citizens and Rick Scott signs them into law.

Rick Scott is not a dictator. Lets but the blame on both the Florida Senate and Representatives AND the Florida Governor.

Again, Rick Scott does NOT write laws.  He simply signs them into laws. Lets vote these mofos Republicans out of office next elections. Rick Scott does not give a frak if he is elected next term.

Why I say this. because the same frak up Republicans will go back to there districts and scape goat Rick Scott and those mofos whom voted for the law to pass in the first place will get elected once again. Believe me, Rick Scott does NOT give a Frak if he is likable or not, accepted or not, reelected or not. all he wants is for his companies to pay less taxes in Florida and will sign whatever frak up crap the Republicans legislature throws at him. He needs a compromise.


Dude, what the frak? Big Galactica fan?


 Actually I am. Darn best Sci-Fi series in a long time..imho.

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