Rick Scott Has 51 Percent Disapproval Rating, According to GOP Pollsters

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Viewpoint Florida -- a polling firm headed by GOP operatives Randy Nielsen and Pat Bainter -- found that Gov. Rick Scott's approval rating is on the rise, according to the firm's newest poll.

Out of the 1,235 likely Florida voters surveyed, 45 percent approved of the governor's job performance, whereas 51 percent disapproved.

More specifically, 28 percent responded "strongly approve," 18 percent said "somewhat approve," 12 percent said "somewhat disapprove," and 39 percent said they "strongly disapprove."

Four percent responded that they were "unsure."

It's a pretty large change from last month's results from Quinnipiac University, which found Scott had a 57 percent disapproval rating, compared to a 29 percent approval.

How much the new Viewpoint Florida poll can be trusted, however, is unknown.

Credibility of political polling is based on methodology, which is conspicuously absent from the Viewpoint Florida poll.

The sample size and the region are the only things mentioned by the firm -- 1,235 likely Florida voters.

Missing from an explanation of polling methods are how the respondents were chosen, if the results were based on the total number of those surveyed, how the polling was performed, the party affiliations of respondents, or the age of respondents, among other things.

Last month's Quinnipiac University poll included all of that information. In the last election cycle, Nate Silver -- who runs the New York Times' "FiveThirtyEight" -- found that Quinnipiac poll results were the most accurate out of major pollsters in Senate and gubernatorial polls, with a slight Republican bias.

Since nobody knows the methodology of the Viewpoint Florida poll aside from the pollsters, we can't gauge how accurately the results may actually represent public opinion.

On the other hand, if they did run a squeaky-clean poll, the governor's approval rating made a pretty nice bounce-back since May.

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When you get closeted bigots, low I.Q. and angry white people, this is what you get-Rick Scott and The Florida Republicans. Unfortunately. Florida and the South is full of them. I do not look for any changes in the next elections. All the GOP has to do is mention the "Black one in Office" all the bigots will jump all over it and vote against their interest for the Republicans.

US voters are the dumbest voter whom only vote on partisan and emotions.


Rule No. 1 for any and all voters: If the candidate has an R beside his or her name, you do not even want to think of voting for that person. Never in a thousand years. Voting for a Republican would be like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.


Uh huh!  The governors approval rating really showed up in the Jacksonville mayor race!  He's in free fall, the past two days he's "fired" his two top advisors, with more lower level ones jumping his sinking ship.  I'm asked all the time, how in the heck did a guy who headed a company that was frauding the taxpayers get elected?   This is what you get when a million Floridians fail to vote!  The most important thing to do as a citizen is vote!  Not that it will always prevent the "Rick Scotts" of this world from getting elected, but it certainly wouldn't be as many.  This guy and his tea party extemist are destroying our future and the future for Florida. 

Virgil Starkwell
Virgil Starkwell

Of the 1,235 citizens that were polled, 846 worked for the Scott administration and 37 were from Scott's home planet.

na nu na nu


Not another planet Virgil, the dregs of Hell is more like it.

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