How Not To Win A Divorce Proceeding: Beat Your Wife Unconscious In Judge's Chambers

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Paul Gonzalez
Here's something Paul Gonzalez learned the other day: Allegedly beating your wife unconscious in a Broward judge's chambers probably won't help your battle to win custody over your children or paying child support.

Gonzalez, 28, and his wife, 23-year-old Catie Scott-Gonzalez, were in Broward Judge Ronald Rothschild's chambers during a divorce proceeding when the judge told Gonzalez he'd have to pay child support for his two children.

When Gonzalez told the judge he thought child support was "unconstitutional," Rothschild told him he'd go to jail if he didn't pay up.

Gonzalez then reportedly said he was "going to take the kids and nobody was going to see them again" -- that's when his wife says he attacked.

"When he came after me, it was from behind...he started strangling me with his left hand and started hitting me on my face with his right hand," Scott-Gonzalez told ABC News.

Court bailiffs shocked Gonzalez twice with a Taser, while his wife was unconscious on the floor in a pool of blood.

Scott-Gonzalez, of Fort Lauderdale, spent three days in the hospital with broken bones in her face. She says she had to withdraw from her college classes due to her blurred vision and constant headaches.

Gonzalez was being held in jail on $1 million bond for the felony battery charge, but after trying to get his bond reduced, as judge ordered Gonzalez be held without bond.

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when I saw the newscast, it seemed like she is a total c*nt and in my opinion deserved it... not all women are created equal. I had the same girl put me in jail TWICE, and of course TWICE nol pros and dismissed. She told my parents by phone, "I am going to ruin your sons life" and played the innocent victim in front of authority..... Dont re-associate this woman with your wife, gf, mom, or grandmother, they arent the same. It doesnt make his actions right at all, but I cant say I dont empathize with the hell that this guy is going through. He did the crime, he'll do the time, but unfortunately for her, I wont be surprised if he kills this woman in the very near future. bet on it.

Harry Balzac
Harry Balzac

Did this guy get his training on how to deal with women from Timmy/Chaz?


I see no one ever told Paul that its "Cheaper to keep 'er"


This guy is an animal he needs to be caged. I hope he gets 20 years.  


court bailiffs are just to damn old in a matter of seconds this girl ended up with broken bones to her face,younger bailiffs could have prevented some of her injuries,just a suggestion.

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