Palm Beach Synagogue Offering $1,000 Reward for Stolen $1 Bill

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This is not the dollar bill, but chances are it looks a lot like it.
If you stole a dollar from a Palm Beach synagogue the other day, give it back to the rabbi and he'll give you $1,000 -- no questions asked.

Somebody broke into the Chabad Palm Beach Synagogue on Tuesday night and stole a collection box that contained one lonely and blessed dollar bill.

The dollar was apparently blessed by Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, who died in 1994.

"To the thief it's not worth anything -- no more than just $1," Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui told WPBF. "It's like a [Pablo] Picasso painting. You know, to a thief it's just a piece of canvas. But to somebody who appreciates art, it may be worth millions of dollars."

Ezagui received the dollar from Schneerson in 1987, before he came to Palm Beach to open the synagogue, according to WPTV.

The bill came with instructions to tape it on the inside of the donations box, which Ezagui says has been left there ever since.

Ezagui reportedly told the New York Post that the cops told him the guy who stole the dollar was caught and that he confessed to needing the money to pay his drug dealer.

The paper claims the cops told Ezagui that the man's drug dealer threw the box -- and the dollar -- into the Intracoastal Waterway.

Again, Ezagui says no questions will be asked for the transaction of the dollar's safe return and the $1,000 reward.

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I launder all of my ill gotten currency in holy water.


The North Palm Beach police did a fantastic job finding this thief so quickly.  But it is a shame the charity box was thrown into the intracoastal --  it meant a great deal to the members of the congregation.  

Maybe some of the FL boaters would spend some time to find it -- they'd probably have a better chance of winning $1k reward than they would at buying a lottery ticket.  But again, little miracles do happen.  Shalom.  

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