New Yorker Accused of Slapping a Flight Attendant at Palm Beach International Airport

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Bryan Garnett allegedly did not have this coupon handy.
There's something to be said about a man slapping another man, but when the recipient of that slap is a JetBlue flight attendant -- that's going to be a legal problem.

Police say 48-year-old Bryan Garnett, from Utica, New York, was on Flight 442 yesterday, taking off from Palm Beach International Airport and headed to Boston, when he slapped his male flight attendant.

The plane and its 145 passengers were still on the ground in Palm Beach when the alleged slapping occurred, but the flight carried on as scheduled.

When the plane landed in Boston, though, Garnett was arrested by Massachusetts State Police.

Police had initially thought the slapping occurred in midair, but a clerk at a Boston district court said otherwise.

It was determined that the slapping happened while the plane was still on the runway, leaving Massachusetts unable to charge Garnett.

A complaint could be filed back in Florida, in which Garnett could face possible charges of interfering with a flight crew and assault.

A Boston Globe reporter who was on the flight said he never noticed any interaction between Garnett and the flight attendant, except when Garnett was asked to put his suitcase underneath his seat before the flight.

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Fat Hand
Fat Hand

So I was on a JetBlue flight on Monday from Boston to FTL and there was this incredibly annoying flight attendant named Lenny. I'm sure there are many male flight attendants on JetBlue, but once the flight attendant's name comes out, my bet is that this guy slapped Lenny.

Ghost of Bob Norman
Ghost of Bob Norman

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, The Pulp Blog is dead..... move along, nothing to see here......


Parkland man
Parkland man

Hey that's bs he should have been locked up as soon as he slapped the guy,and if it's legal to do that the next time your on an airplane ask if there are any lawyers on this flight and slap them

Parkland man
Parkland man

Let's hope the guy is a lawyer and goes to jail for that,what an asshole to start a fight on a plane,but the more I think about it lawyers don't have any balls to do something like that,they hide behind a yellow pad and pen,fn losers.

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