North Lauderdale Old-Lady Rapist on the Loose

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The cops are looking for a man who they say climbed through the bedroom window of a North Lauderdale home and raped an 84-year-old woman last night.

The woman told police she was watching television at her house around 10 p.m. yesterday when the man knocked on her front door.

She told Broward Sheriff's Office investigators she didn't answer because she didn't know him and couldn't understand a thing he was saying.

An hour later, the woman heard a noise coming from the bedroom. She went inside the room and found the same guy from earlier who had just climbed through her bedroom window and who proceeded to sexually assault her.

The woman was treated for several bruises on her face and body at University Hospital, then examined at the Sexual Assault Treatment Center.

She described the man as being black, in his early 20s, of medium build, and between five-foot-six and five-foot-nine. The woman told the cops he might have spoken with an accent from the Caribbean Islands.

If you have any information about the old-lady rapist, give a call to SVU Det. Julie Bower at 954-321-4240, or call Broward Crime Stoppers anonymously at 954-493-TIPS (8477) or online at

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Lol  @ Word.......that was funny.........But I think gotta be a gang initiation thing, they said no money was stolen.   Then again it could have been imagined.

Avid reader
Avid reader

Dude, 'old lady rapist'? Really? How abt: someone's grandma, mom, dtr, sister, cousin...? Like yours perhaps?

Sheesh - kinda sorta on the border of misogyny....although I suspect you wld also refer to this heinous criminal as the 'old man rapist' if he had chosen to be the perp of such an act on a male. Time for a journalism tune-up, just sayin. 


Just a hunch, but I heard that Allen West was in town all weekend. Violence is in his M.O.

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