Florida Board of Medicine Allows Convicted Rapist To Keep Practicing As A Doctor

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Florida Sexual Offenders and Predators
Mark Seldes, convicted rapist, M.D.
Apparently being a convicted rapist and practicing medicine have nothing to do with each other. At least that's what the Florida Board of Medicine decided.

That's why 43-year-old Mark Seldes can continue to practice medicine in the state of Florida, fresh out of a three-year prison sentence for raping a medicated civilian woman while he was an Air Force flight surgeon in South Korea.

According to Stars and Stripes, Seldes had gone missing while he was supposed to be sentenced for raping the woman after she'd taken some sleeping pills and passed out.

Seldes finally showed up, and was sentenced to three years in prison and dismissal from the Air Force for rape, conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentlemen, and adultery.

According to CBS Miami, the Florida Board of Medicine voted 7-3 to allow Seldes to continue practicing, under a few conditions: he must complete 300 hours of community service, remain in a monitoring program for troubled physicians, and work in a government facility.

But the board decided formal probation for Seldes was a bit much, as Seldes argued it might prohibit him from getting a job in the future.

To quote the admirable character Michael G. Scott of The Office: "I didn't hire a convict. Unless you mean Toby ... convicted rapist."

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Michael Stoyer
Michael Stoyer

Well if he finishes the 300 hours of community service then I don't see why this is any problem. My friend killed six people way back in 2008; he put in his 400 hours at the soup kitchen and now he's one of the best guys I know.


Just for the record, these are the medical "professionals" who continually give substantial campaign donations to Republicans in Congress and the legislature to obtain passage of "tort reform" statutes that limit the damages that can be imposed by judges and juries on incompetent "physicians." The legal profession has a very thorough and transparent system of holding its members accountable, and it doesn't require bribery of the political evildoers in any way.


If he used his medical position to carry out the rape, then he should have lost his license to practice.  This is ridiculous.

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