Top Three LeBron James/Miami Heat Memes to Commemorate the NBA Finals

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LeBron James plays to the tune of his tiny violin.
LeBron James brought his talents to Miami this year to complete what should have been the first ultimate triumvirate the NBA has ever seen.

James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh were hailed as superheroes who were going to lead the Miami Heat to championship after championship after championship.

And we all believed it too. In fact, the Miami Heat put on a rather convincing spectacle during the finals. They continued to beat out their opponents (for the most part) and pull off moves like coming back in the last few minutes for a win after being down quite a few points.

That gave us hope as we stayed glued to the TV last night praying the Heat could pull off a win against Dallas Mavericks' caveman Dirk Nowitzki. And then we cried. Well, not really. Although even if there was only one tear, our head coach might have told the whole world anyway.

So when our hearts hurt, we make light of the situation, right? Here are the three best memes to commemorate the occasion. 
Crocodile tears
lebron james dog.jpg
Dog has attitude. He must be a Mavs fan.
Sick burn.

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The will be great if they can play like a team.  The Mavs did that and won.  Even if Dirk was off, the team compensated. 

Here's a little game. Take Bosh, James and Wade.  Watch all five final games.  Give yourself a point if anyone of them crosses mid-court and passes the ball for someone else to take a shot.  Take away a point if they cross the mid-court and take the shot themselves.  At the end of the series your total may not be a positive number.

Comparisons to Jordon are premature.  That final championship for the Bulls was one of the strongest teams ever.  The bench was better than most of their opponents starters.  Jordan was the start because he played with that team.

The biggest problem for the Heat will be, who is the star.  Will Wade bow to James?  I see the Lakers all over again. 


I don't get it. The Heat failed in the 4th period of games 3, 5, and 6. The trio just didn't play with that passion. Were they too tired due to lack of conditioning or did they blow it out in the first 3 periods??

Fort Lauderdale Resident
Fort Lauderdale Resident

Wow, no one wants to comment on this yet?

Is Lebron a great player? Yes.Is he an ubelievable, physically gifted athlete? Yes.Does he have the killer instinct of Michael Jordan? Obviously not.Did Scotty Pippen reach a bit making the comparison? Absolutely.Is this season a dissappointement for the Heat.  Definitely.


is there a point to your post? Obviously not

Fort Lauderdale Resident
Fort Lauderdale Resident

It could be inferred from my original post that although Lebron is a great player and proclaimed as the "best" by Pippen, it's obviously a premature assessment as Lebron lacks the finishing ability and fierce competitive drive to be a true winner.  In other words...overhyped and overrated.  I'll try to spell it out a little bit clearer next time. 


Is their a point to your post?  Obviously not.  LeChoke will never be a winner.

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