Lauderhill Shooting Declared Homicide by Police

Categories: Crime
The death of Ian Owen Atkinson -- the 19-year-old man found dead on the doorstep of his Lauderhill home Thursday morning -- has been declared a homicide, police say.

Atkinson's uncle had gone to the house in the 7000 block of Sienna Ridge Lane around 7 a.m. Thursday to find the teenager dead.

Lauderhill police said Atkinson died of a gunshot wound, although they weren't initially sure whether he shot himself or was shot by someone else.

Now they're pretty sure someone shot him.

Atkinson's mother was upstairs asleep when the police arrived after he was found dead, and told the cops she never heard anything.

Police say they have no suspects as of yet.

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Even a nonprofessional writer can read this sentence and tell you it was written by an illiterate:

Atkinson's uncle had gone to the house around 7 a.m. Thursday on the 7000 block of Sienna Ridge Lane to find the teenager dead.

This is worse than the sports misusage -- Jones came off the bench to score 17 points -- or the business news misusage -- the Dow Jones average lost more than 300 points Tuesday to close at 11890. In all three of these, the "to" is totally misused. Jeez.

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