Hideous Giant Squid Found Off the Coast of Jensen Beach

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Ever wonder what a 23-foot-long disgusting giant squid looks like?

Absolutely repulsive is what it looks like.

We got a hold of a photo from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, taken somewhere between the discovery of the squid off the coast of Jensen Beach, its necropsy at a Palm Beach County field office, and its delivery to the Florida Museum of Natural History for preservation.

Check out the photo after the jump:

We told you it was repulsive.

If that didn't make you vomit, here's what one of the fisherman who caught the squid, Robert Benz, told WPTV:

"It didn't seem it had been dead long. The tentacles were still moving, and it was sticking to you when we got it in."

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First Hand
First Hand

Isn't that - Yeah - that's a picture of Rachael MadCow!!!

Virgil Starkwell
Virgil Starkwell

Did Goldman Sachs open up a branch office in Jensen Beach?


Yawn. So predictable. Next there will be an anti- God tirade.

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