Gay Marriage: Ken Keechl Says He'll Tie the Knot in New York; Rick Scott -- Not So Much

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"That can't come here." -- Rick Scott
New York's passage of gay marriage equality Friday night has had quite different reactions nationwide -- including a couple down here in the Sunshine State.

Former Broward Mayor Ken Keechl announced on Facebook that he's getting married to his partner of 13-plus years, Ted Adcock, in the Empire State.

Gov. Rick Scott, however, didn't seem too pleased today when reporters asked if Florida was going to hop on the marriage-equality bandwagon.

The governor was in St. Petersburg today to sign some education bills when a reporter popped the gay-marriage question on him.

If you notice in the YouTube video, around the 3:30 mark, the governor has a gigantic, goofy smile on his face -- until he realizes he's about to answer a question about gay marriage:

"Well, as you know, by the constitution, that can't come here," Scott says. "So it won't be... It's not really a discussion here."

Thanks to a 2008 voter-approved constitutional amendment, Scott is correct -- "that" can't come to Florida.

The amendment gives marriage a strict one-man/one-woman definition, so the governor doesn't have to worry about giving an opinion on "that."

In other words, that's about as close to gay-marriage news we're going to get around here any time soon.

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Model Citizen
Model Citizen

I guess Scott will have to continue to pack fudge on the DL.


Beaky Buzzard, former Rich Scott, is just pissed off because there are no aliens of the male species who find him attractive.  If he can find a way to make money on this for him and his friedns, he will join in.

This is the second failed business man that the right has elected with the mantra of making a government run like a business.  The first one Jebby, bankrupted the Broward savings and loan.  The second one Beaky, was so dumb he didn't know that the company he founded was stealing 30% of their profit from Medicare, or jus a crook in on the deal.

Of the 300 million they gave him in stock options, how much of that was fromt their illegal profits?

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