Detox Buddies Arrested After Allegedly Ripping Off An Old Lady

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Thelma & Louise: A lot more plot, a lot less cocaine
You know you have a bad plan when it involves shooting up cocaine and ripping off an old lady to buy some cordless drills.

That's what Boynton Beach police are saying Chelsea Garber, 25, of Boynton Beach, and Carissa Harding, 24, of Delray Beach, were doing last week.

After meeting at a detox center, police say the women went on a crime spree that began by stealing the purse of a 69-year-old woman at a West Palm Beach Winn-Dixie.

Carissa Harding
Chelsea Garber

Police say the women made three charges on the woman's credit card that day, $57.68 at a gas station, and two charges of $210.94 for two DeWalt drills at a Boynton Beach Home Depot.

After being pulled over by police after leaving Home Depot, the cops say they happened to notice a trio of syringes and a duet of spoons with cocaine residue on them.

When they were taken to the Boynton Beach Police Department, police say the women admitted to using Garber's disability check, $1,500, to load up on cocaine and oxycodone.

They then told police they tried to pawn off a few more items for extra cash, but after that didn't work, they said they resorted to stealing from an old lady.

Both Garber and Harding face two counts of larceny and four counts of fraud, while Harding faces additional charges of possession of drug equipment and possession of cocaine.

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R. D. M.
R. D. M.

is drug addiction now a disability?  shouldn't they get drug tested to receive any money?

Ft. Lauderdale Resident
Ft. Lauderdale Resident

You'll never read this kind of nonsense when just good old Marijuana is involved...

Stoner 1 - "Hey, wanna go rob an old lady, buy tools from Home Depot, and them pawn them for more money so we can buy more weed?"

Stoner 2 - "Na, let's just hang out and watch the Simpsons.  Wow, this couch is so comfortable!"

Fat Hand
Fat Hand

I would like to know more about the drills. I know you can get drills for cheaper than $105.47 each, so they were going top of the line. Wonder what they were planning to do. Whatever it was, I bet it would have been entertaining.


Put them in jail and throw away the key.

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