Daniel Hay Lewis -- Charged With Transmission of HIV -- Doesn't Even Have HIV, Attorney Says

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Daniel Hay Lewis
Daniel Hay Lewis,a Hallandale Beach resident charged with criminal transmission of HIV after allegedly trying to bite a police officer while being arrested for shoplifting, doesn't actually have HIV, according to his public defender.

After allegedly trying to steal $12,000 worth of garden products from a Home Depot on May 30, he admitted to stealing the stuff, police say, but didn't exactly want to get arrested.

According to the police report, Lewis attempted to bite the cop "while knowing he was HIV positive," but it was never explained how they knew that he was HIV-positive.

Jason Blank, the assistant public defender representing Lewis, wrote the following letter to the Florida Independent:

Daniel is innocent of these charges. We have obtained reliable evidence that Daniel is not, nor has ever been infected with HIV. It is clear that the officer's sworn allegations of Daniel's infection with HIV is not only a lie and highly illegal, but is being used to cover-up the excessive use of force during his arrest. In the end, it will not be Daniel, but rather the officers that will be found Guilty in a court of law.
Blank also tells the Independent that Lewis was tested for HIV after his arrest at the Broward County jail and that those results were negative.


Blank says he's in the process of talking to the State Attorney's Office about the direction of the case.

"My number-one concern is dealing with the prosecution of my client; dealing with the lying cops is secondary," Blank tells the Independent.

Lewis has been charged with criminal transmission of HIV, grand theft, obstructing with violence, and assault on an officer.
He has previously been convicted of grand theft and robbery.

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im the one who has to live with people thinking i have hiv!even my mother won't talk to me i lost my girlfriend.and im dealing with alot of stress over this.lost my job,even my people i know look at me crazey.i wish this never happen.daniel lewis.

Fort Lauderdale Resident
Fort Lauderdale Resident

The reality of public service (especially in reference to Police & Firefighters) is now much different than it used to be in previous generations.  What was once a respectable blue collar position in the community, previously filled with the likes of returning war veterans and community oriented individuals, is now filled with a bunch of yahoos who really had no future alternatives after high school.  It's sad but look at many of the police and firefighters in South Florida these days...roided up, tattoo'd thugs, who were "nar do wells" and are now "professionals".  These days, many are simply individuals who couldn't hack it in college or in the business world.  Did the police lie? I don't know, I wasn't there....but a lot of them have certainly been stretching the truth lately in order to stay out of trouble.  I am neither jealous or biased, just a cynical realist...  


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Seth Quetzecotl
Seth Quetzecotl

Okay, so HE doesn't have HIV. What I'm wondering now is if the cop has HIV, and why he wanted us to think he got it from this guy instead of the hooker he picked up on rounds... no, that's not fair, the little piggy probably doesn't have it at all. 


No surprise that a cop lied. I am a true believer that a corrupted cop if found guilty should be given twice the normal amount of time to be served in jail than a regular citizen. They are suppose to be held at a higher standard... We put our trust in them.

First Hand
First Hand

I agree with you except on one thing. I do not put my trust in them. I know and have interaction with many many officers. Knowing them on a personal level and knowing how they think and behave gives me great pause in trusting them, their honesty and their judgment. LEO is getting a horrendously bad reputation because they refuse to police their own.

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