BSO Releases New Report That Says Daniel Hay Lewis Claimed to Have AIDS

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Daniel Hay Lewis
The Broward Sheriff's Office has now released a new "detailed" report on the arrest of Daniel Hay Lewis, claiming that Lewis stated he had AIDS several times before attempting to bite a deputy.

Lewis, a Hallandale Beach resident, was arrested May 30 while allegedly trying to steal $12,000 worth of garden products from a Home Depot.

He was charged with transmission of HIV -- among other crimes -- which his public defender claimed was an accusation made to cover police brutality against Lewis.

The new report -- written by Deputy Mario Torres, according to the Florida Independent -- says Lewis' mouth was wide open while his head was violently swinging.

"Based upon his previous statements that he had AIDS, I was fearful that if he bit me, I would contract the HIV virus," the deputy writes.

This differs from the original police report, which simply stated that Lewis attempted to bite the cop "while knowing he was HIV positive," but it never explained how they knew he was HIV-positive.

Lewis' public defender, Jason Blank, had originally started the ruckus after stating the cops made up the entire HIV story.

"It is clear that the officer's sworn allegations of Daniel's infection with HIV is not only a lie and highly illegal, but is being used to cover-up the excessive use of force during his arrest," Blank had written to the Independent. "In the end, it will not be Daniel, but rather the officers that will be found Guilty in a court of law."

Still, the charge of HIV transmission was applied after he was tested at the Broward County Jail and found to be HIV-negative.

The Sheriff's Office has now confirmed that it has requested that the state attorney's office drop the HIV-transmission charge.

Aside from the disputed charge of HIV transmission, Lewis is accused of grand theft, obstructing with violence, and assault on an officer.

He has previously been convicted of grand theft and robbery.

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im the one dealing with this,people thing im hiv,even my mom wont talk to me my past is bad,i did 8yrs in prison,got out had two jobs,geting in school on the right track,then this happens.wrong place wrong time.for real$12,000 in graden stuff.i had money anf truck.all because of my im dealing with all this negtive input.all i want is the truth to come out.daniel lewis


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Stupid cops never cease to amaze me, they are all on the take, crooked as the day is

First Hand
First Hand

There must have been plenty of whitenesses at a home depot that could easily clear this up.If the officers involved are fabricating this cover story; I truly hope that they will be given the max sentence because of their position of authority over the general public. However, I suspect this will end like all other cases in with the police lie and break laws; it will be covered up with help and pressure from their union and other officers. I have lost all trust in LEO because the few good ones left will do nothing about the bad ones. The good ones know that if they speak out against the bad ones; they will get no back up when they call for it. Sad situation in Law Enforcement these days.     

Smart Move
Smart Move

You can't transmit HIV through a bite.  He's still a dirtbag but a little science here is in order.

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