Broward Sheriff's Office Raids Three County Gambling Houses

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Cash seized during the raid of the gambling dens
If you placed a bet in a Broward County gambling den on the Miami Heat in game three of the NBA Finals, don't count on getting paid.

Broward's Money Laundering Task Force took down three illegal gambling operations -- one in Pompano Beach, one in Fort Lauderdale, and one in Hollywood.

The cops managed to grab $30,000 in cash from the gambling spots, and also took six people off to jail with them.

Vianny Taveras Germoso, Miguel Nunez, Moises Nunez, Irving Pena and Miguelina Sanchez were arrested on suspicion of keeping a gambling house, police say.

They also arrested 28-year-old Tauric Stone, a customer who the cops say had cocaine, weed, and oxycodone.

The cops say they've been scoping out the places since April, when they received an anonymous tip.

The task force found it a little suspicious that people repeatedly went into the Hollywood business, only to come out holding receipts.

That's when the cops followed an employee of the Hollywood shop, and he led them right to the other locations.

Eventually members of the task force started going in undercover and placing bets on sporting events, although they don't say whether they won any money.

Two more suspects -- 38-year-old Juana Coles and 24-year-old Teresa Estevez -- are still at large, according to the sheriff's office.

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why can't people do what they want to do with their money? if anyone should be in jail is the law makers because all they do is steal our tax money. if you ask me paying tax and medicare is the biggest gamble we are being force to do.

Fort Lauderdale Resident
Fort Lauderdale Resident

Solid police work! Gambling is a very serious issue in South Florida and should be treated as such....I actually have a lot to say about this but I've gotta get going...meeting some friends at the Hard Rock Casino but first have to make a quick stop to buy some Florida lottery tickets...


Now it is official we have way to many police on the payroll if this is called law enforcement. I don't care about people gambling (I don't gamble).     


Lol, looks like some huge stacks of cash when there are 1 dollar bills on the outside.  Job well done, now go out and stop some real crime and stop wasting everyones time and tax dollars persuing this nonsense.


So is this the huge crime wave that Jeb Bush and the anti-gambling crusaders promised us would hit South Florida if we opened casinos? Wow, I'm really scared. Sure hope the sheriff gets them all.

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