Broward Libraries May Open on Sundays

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Soon, an alternative to church?
Right now, branches in the Broward County Library System don't open on Sunday -- the day when you're most likely to have nothing to do and want a book to read.

But that might change under a set of recommendations being issued by County Administrator Bertha Henry on Tuesday.

Henry's plan calls for bringing back Sunday hours to six regional libraries, among numerous other recommendations for changes to the library system and other agencies dependent on the general fund.

Library Director Robert Cannon says the idea was first aired "at a retreat several months ago" with Broward County commissioners.

In a time of budget crunching and reduced tax revenues, how will the county pay for the Sunday library hours?

"We'll shift people around and have more part-time people," explains Cannon. "There will be a modest loss of hours at some other libraries during other days of the week" to make up for the Sunday openings.

More details to come after Tuesday's budget workshop.

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I would love to be able to access the library on Sunday for study purpose. It's not fair that a student can't write their research papers, but has to pay taxes for those who don't work and may use the facilities on the weekdays.



Yes! Of course they should be open, and should never have been closed in the first place.

Next:  re-open our parks.

Fort Lauderdale Resident
Fort Lauderdale Resident

Awesome move.  With the downtown library open on Sunday, people who are homeless will now have a place to hang out all day. 

Patti Lynn
Patti Lynn

This would be great news if it comes to pass.  Those who work during the week really miss the Sunday hours.  The downside would be shortening hours at some libraries and selecting which libraries would be open.  The Main downtown library, surrounded by institutes of higher learning, must be should the busiest libraries.  Hopefully, there will be some public input.

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius


The problem with your logic is this -- history has shown folks who go to church aren't really big on reading other books besides the bible.

Praise be to Jesus and pass the prepubescent altar boy!

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