Allen West Joins the Twitter-Gaffe Train -- Retweets Gay-Themed Band, Blames Intern

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Allen West: Scissor Sisters fan?
Just to be clear, nothing about Allen West's Twitter gaffe involves the congressman's wiener.

It does, however, come at a time when members of Congress should be careful about how they're using Twitter. But if you're not careful, blame it on the intern.

About two hours ago, West's Twitter account retweeted the New York-based band Scissor Sisters -- a group with three openly gay musicians that often produces gay-themed songs.

Scissor Sisters often refutes the claim that they're a "gay band," but you get the point.

The tweet, signed by the band's lead singer "Ana Matronic," made a reference to comedian Tracy Morgan's anti-gay rant during a show in Nashville, Tennessee last week.

As you can see from the picture above, the post was retweeted from Allen West's Twitter account -- which has since been deleted, along with the post placing blame on the intern.


He's no Wiener, but a gay-related Tweet coming from "gay marriage is an oxymoron" Allen West is a pretty solid blunder -- queue the conspiracy theory music -- or was it just a blunder?

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Steven Cooley
Steven Cooley

Homosexuality is not a lifestyle choice... being a bigot is.

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