Terrible Packaging Skills Induce Boynton Beach Bomb Scare

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Boynton Beach Police Department
Here's the nonbomb that showed up at World Savings bank's mail center today.
Apparently a cardboard box semi-sealed by Scotch tape with wires hanging out is all it takes for someone to be pretty sure they just got a bomb in the mail.

Boynton Beach police spokeswoman Stephanie Slater tells New Times that's what happened to an employee at a World Savings bank mail distribution center this morning -- leading to an emergency response including the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office bomb squad.

The bomb squad eventually discovered the box not to be a mail-bomb attempt by al Qaeda's J.V. squad but instead a "covert" video camera disguised as a smoke detector.

It all started when an employee at the mail center called the cops to report a "suspicious package" around 6 a.m.

Slater says the mail center warehouse -- in the 2000 block of High Ridge Road -- was evacuated for several hours while cops tried to figure out what they were dealing with.

After the PBSO bomb squad did a quick x-ray of the box, they found the aforementioned smoke-detector-looking video camera.

Let that be a lesson to put the wires inside the box when you're shipping your bombs off, and don't use that suspicious-looking Scotch tape either.

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 Thorpe would first need to check the facebook page of the children of the women who called this in. 


Maybe you can ask Brandon thorpe what to do? 

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West 2012!

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