Is Rick Scott Obama's Best Chance for Reelection?

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Those cool, amphibian eyes.
What a weird ride it's been for poor Rick Scott! He came into office with hardly any pretense, with his intentions as plainly visible as the veins in his scalp. But nobody noticed, and now everybody hates him.

Which is bad news to the folks manning the bridge on the GOP mothership. Especially if they've noticed the weird trend picked up upon in the Quinnipiac University poll results released Thursday, which showed an inverse correlation between Rick Scott and Barack Obama's job approval ratings.

Dig it: Quinnipiac University pollsters spoke with 1,196 Floridians on Rick Scott's job performance and found that 57 percent of Floridians are now dissatisfied with governor, up from 48 percent on April 6. Back then, 35 percent approved of Scott's performance, and now only 29 percent do. For a first-term governor, the April results were bad. These results are disastrous. Rick Scott is now officially the least popular governor in the country.

During the same period that Scott was alienating a tenth of his electorate, Barack Obama's popularity was growing at an almost exactly equal rate. Back on April 7, 44 percent of Floridians approved of his performance, while 52 percent disapproved. The new numbers are 51 percent approve, 43 percent disapprove.

In other words: If presidential and gubernatorial elections were held in Florida today, no declared Republican presidential candidate could unseat Obama, while Scott would have a hard time beating Raul Castro.

But hell! Why would the Democrats want to beat Scott? Florida's the most important swing state in the country. If the Dems can keep Scott in Tallahassee, they'll never lose a presidential election again! (Though they will have to contend with Florida devolving into a destitute anarcho-capitalist hellpit in which gangs of starving, naked ex-teachers roam the streets in search of human flesh. But oh well. It wasn't that nice a place to live anyway.)

But wait! Is it likely that Scott's helping Obama's numbers? Politicususa thinks so, but it's completely discounting the impact of Osama Bin Laden's death upon Floridian sentiments. It also fails to mention that Florida is full of very old people, who lately have been hearing some very scary things about Republicans' plans for Medicare. And then there's the fact that our state is home to two of the most outspoken, angry Republican congressmen in America. Maybe Floridians are just fed up with the vitriol and are blaming the governor because he's bald and scary-looking.

So it's important not to read too much into the inverse correlation discovered by Quinnipiac. Still, the temptation is there. The numbers are striking. It's hard not to believe that somebody aboard the mothership hasn't examined the figures and taken a long, queasy look at a picture of Rick Scott's cool amphibian eyes, and thought: Holy shit! Is he working for them?

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Virgil Starkwell
Virgil Starkwell

The Obama team already has a strong Midwest electoral strategy, taking advantage of the attack on unions. If they win Florida, you are looking at a blowout.

Looks like Pawlenty will be the straw man.


Whoa. Hold up a sec. Let me get this straight... you mean to tell me that 29% of Floridians STILL approve of Rick Scott??? Holy crap. That's almost a third.

So that means that if I'm standing in line at Publix, and there are two other people in line with me, then one of those people probably thinks Rick Scott is doing a great job.


Who the hell are these people?

Tom J
Tom J

Rick Scott is the worst Governor in Florida history. Obama popularity in Florida is not the main issue really, but a side effect.

Scott should never have even run for any political office. The Republicans should have realized this before his nomination. But the Republican Party in Florida is intellectually vaccant and just money is enough to get a nomination despite a persons background. (Medicare and Medicaid fraud to the tune of billions in Scott's case)

Rick Scott was never a Republican Party active member in Florida, he essentially is just using the Republican Party as a label. The Republican insiders did know this and opposed him early on (Jeb Bush). The problem is that rank and file Tea Party leaning Republicans had no idea who they were voting for. They saw TV ads for someone they never heard of and then voted for him. (his mother said "he was a good boy" on TV)

He avoided jail but was forced to leave his own company.Scott took the Fifth Amendment 75 times during the investigation into Medicare and Medicaid fraud. He founded the company Columbia HCA and he was CEO during the period of its crimes. Florida Republicans voted him in anyway. Columbia was made to pay the highest fine in US history for such crimes, 1.5 billion dollars. He avoided jail so he thought no problem , run for Governor no one will remember or notice. And they didn't!

Florida voters are responsible for Scott being there. That they are now remorseful means nothing. We are stuck with him for years to come and the other Republican Florida wreckers in the legislature. It is a testament to the sheer lack of knowledge and consideration of Florida Republicn voters.

When Jeb Bush backed Mccolum against Scott they should have noticed there was something wrong there.


Rick Scott is doing a GREAT JOB !!! This HCA questioning is exactly what a smart person does, if you have something charge me and I'll defend it, if you don't - get lost. Obviously, he had nothing to defend cause he was never charged with anything. Yes, large industries that base the pay of subbordinates on performance will find they have introduced some crooks that are willing to work around the system, illegally for their bonuses & pay. Just look at the Banking Industry... They get money at 0.01% interest and Bank of America (Alex Sinks former Florida CEO) charges up to 29.9% interest to its users. Tell me who is riping you off? Oh, that's right 47% of Americans pay no taxes and another 15% recieve back more than they pay in. The only ones I see getting burnt are the "Something for Nothing", "Everybody Owes ME"  crowd who pay no taxes but expects the rest of us to cover their life style. Take the illegal aliens out of public schools, welfare, housing, medical coverage and the state would have more money, wages would rise and work would be available.

Ken Albin
Ken Albin

Scott would have a tough time defeating Fidel Castro.


Scott uses the fifth amendment to refuse to answer 75 questions, after which the company he was CEO of paid $1.5 billion (that's with a 'b') in fines, without even protesting the amount, and you contend that because he's not in jail he's a fine fellow?

And the *real* problem is the people on welfare, who, in Florida receive an average of between $100 and $200 a month, plus as much as $65 in food stamps per person in a household, and this is the "'Everybody owes ME' crowd who pay no taxes but expects the rest of us to cover their lifestyle."  

Do you have any idea how inane you sound.  "...cover their *lifestyle*"?

If illegal immigrants buy something, they pay sales tax; if they buy gasoline, they pay gas tax, plus sales tax; if they buy liquor, they pay alcohol tax, plus sales tax.  If they live somewhere, they pay property tax for their landlord.  If they have jobs, and that's why they are here, to work, they pay Social Security and Medicare tax, of which they will never see a dime.  

Exactly which taxes are they skipping that the rest of us "legal" immigrants are paying?  Oh, by the way, they aren't eligible for that plush lifestyle of those on welfare.

Man, you are able to recite talking points from Hate Radio (Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reiley, Beck, et al.) like a mantra.  Have you memorized them or are you using notes? 

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