Pompano Youth Football Coach Suspended After ESPN Broadcasts Him Gambling in the Stands

Osbert Small, whose interview with ESPN was not as cool as those shades.
On May 1, television sports giant ESPN broadcast an exposé on gambling in the South Florida Youth Football League -- including a segment of Pompano Cowboys Coach Osbert Small allegedly gambling in the stands of a kids football game.

According to ESPN, Small -- an employee of Pompano Beach for more than 20 years -- was suspended by the league Tuesday, only a few weeks after his embarrassing interview on ESPN's Outside the Lines.
Small, who also owns Easy O.Z. Bail Bonds in Pompano Beach, was decrying gambling at youth football games in South Florida in his interview, saying there was a "zero-tolerance for it."

That is, until he was confronted by a clip of himself exchanging cash in the stands of one of the games.

Here's how the ensuing conversation went down, which you can see for yourself in the video below starting around the ten-minute mark:

ESPN: "This looks like you there; what are you doing?"

Small: [long, awkward pause]..."I wasn't gambling."

Small goes on to explain that he was simply holding the money and continues to attempt to rationalize gambling on kids.

The South Florida Youth Football League also announced that it's going to try to crack down on the gambling in response to the ESPN report -- which includes young football players getting gambling payoffs, a sergeant from the Broward Sheriff's Office belittling gambling concerns, and a guy with multiple face tattoos.

Check out the video of the original report below.

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I've known OZ for 10 years now, and he is an alright guy. I hate to see him get caught in a lie like that!! I know he has a drug problem and his wife sleeps around on him. He was caught in Wilton Manors the other night soliciting and prowling at a mens bar. He smells like hot dog water a little bit and has enough meat around his neck to make a sandwich. He uses other people with natural talent because he has none himself. I hope he gets it together real soon, because it looks like it's over for the old guy. OZ,....I'm praying for you buddy.....I hope you get your act together and stop paying women for their time....and .....and....(sniff)......DON'T FORGET TO CALL TAURUS BOYD BAIL BONDS!!!!! Stay up big boy! 


The guy should be ashamed of himself. He is a known liar, and even worse he works around children. He gambles a lot and I wouldn't be caught off gaurd by anything else he's accused of. His sister is a fat liar too.

David Cody
David Cody

So, according to ESPN and Thurston black kids sell drugs, commit robbery, and go to jail because they witnessed gambling while playing youth football.  WOW!  Thanx, ESPN and Thurston you just gave us the intel we needed to win the "War on Drugs".  Stop the Blacks from playing Little League Football.

Did anyone pay attention to the fact they indicated this occurs in front police, who are paid to be there.  So, why are they not doing their jobs.  Wouldn't that curb this problem?  Instead of penalizing the kids, the parks, and the league..Shouldn't we look at the paid security who aren't keeping our kids very secure, since they witness to this activity and allowing the kids to be exposed which makes them turn to a life of crime.

Let's get real, here!  There are other factors at play that make a child (black, white, hispanic) turn to selling and using drugs.  Denard robinson played in the SFYLFL and look at him.  There are countless others who played, went to school, got an education, some went to the NFL, some into the private sector, but the point is they didn't turn to drugs. This kid testifying about this is the exception, not the rule.  So, until we look at the real root cause of what makes a drug dealer and a drug user, we will not get anywhere.

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