Obama's Navy Seal Plan: Secret Mission to Kill Bin Laden Revealed

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While other so-called "news outlets" focused on our president's birth certificate and later the legitimacy of Bin Laden's death, here at New Times, we had our White House correspondent on a mission of top priority.

What we uncovered are the top-secret blueprints used by Navy Seal Team 6 for its operation to take down the most wanted man in the world, Osama Bin Laden.

Although we can't verify the authenticity of these blueprints until our Expert Team of Blueprint Experts (ETBE) gathers more intel and comes back with its findings, we will still release these to you -- the public -- and let you make your own decision.

Behold: the secret blueprints of the Obama administration.



Although the mission went as planned, the final trap set for Bin Laden was unsuccessful after one of the team members shot him in the face.

Illustrations by Alvaro Diaz-Rubio.

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What About Bob?
What About Bob?

Took less than a week to destroy all the good that Bob did witht the Pulp.  He is missed still haven't found a blog entry from him on WPLGs site. 


 Can we leave Afghanistan, now?

Virgil Starkwell
Virgil Starkwell

When you read the press in Pakistan, whose stories include "alleged" eyewitnesses to this operation, you come to the realization that the above blueprints are at least as authentic as the official story.

A story I began laughing at two weeks ago.

Patti Lynn
Patti Lynn

Oh boy!!!  It reminds me of the old Mad Magazine, "Spy vs Spy"

I enjoyed the plan.


I won't believe it until I see the pics.


Why they didn't capture him and waterboard him for information one will never know. 

Patti Lynn
Patti Lynn

 Holy Smokes, Parkland Man...shades of 'enry 'iggins..."He's got it.  By Jove, he's got it."

Welcome aboard!!

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