Gov. Rick Scott: Hanging Out With Me Is Political Suicide

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Don't talk to this guy if you want to be president.
If you plan on running for president, don't go anywhere near Florida Gov. Rick Scott.

In an interview on Pensacola-based NewsRadio 1620-AM this morning, host Rob Williams mentioned that the last time Scott came in to an interview, he noticed a guitar signed by former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

Scott had said he was pretty sure Huckabee was going to make a run for president -- and a few days later, Huckabee declared he wasn't running.

That prompted Scott to reveal this morning that he's basically poisonous to people exploring presidential campaigns.

"I was at the correspondents dinner with Trump. I was absolutely convinced he was going to run -- he didn't," Scott said. "I was with Haley Barbour a week before he announced he was not going to run.

"I guess no one should sit down with me right before they're going to run. Maybe that's it."

Maybe so.

In case you missed it, voters think Scott is doing a crap job being Florida's governor -- by a 2:1 margin -- so it's hard to tell who would actually prefer to be associated with him.

Was Scott kidding about being the grim reaper to presidential campaigns? Probably.

Should prospective presidential candidates steer clear of the governor for safety's sake? Probably.

Click here to listen to this morning's interview in its entirety.

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Dennis Homsey
Dennis Homsey

all kidding aside, Scott is an egotistical social-path. He's in it for power and to make as much money as possible. He could care less about his job as Governor and will step on anyone to get what he wants. Legally or illegally. Saying that; this makes him no different than any other politician. This country was built on greed and corruption. 

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