Allen West Heckler Nicole Sandler's Arrest Report

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Nicest mug shot evar!
She used to host a popular progressive radio show, but Nicole Sandler got some unexpected press last week when she tried to ask a question at an Allen West "town hall" event, was not answered, continued asking her question, and was led out of the Calvary Chapel in handcuffs, taken to jail, and Maced when she stepped out of her cell to accost a jailer. Just another day's work!

The arresting officer, William Rousseau of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, wrote up a probable-cause affidavit. Here's his description of the situation:

arrested was at a town hall meeting for Congressman West when she became very disruptive and loud interfering with meeting. Her behavior caused many of the audience members to enter into a verbal altercation with her that threatened to become physical. I instructed defendant to leave the property no less than a dozen times. Defendant kept stopping, refusing to leave; as I attempted to escort her out she became physically aggressive with this ofc., pushing me several times. Def. was finally placed under arrest.

Not to go off-topic, but great use of a semicolon by a law enforcement official. Below, take another look at the video evidence to see if it matches up with the description, and see the police report.

Sandler PC

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Nice journalistic hack-job.  I see you posted the right leaning Shark-tank edited version of the video rather than the unedited version – posted on Nicole Sandler’s website.  I also noticed that you neglected to refer to a quote from Ms. Sandler.  Not to go off-topic, but great use of quotes around “town hall”.  This event was advertised as a town hall event which includes constituent participation.  However, this event was set up to prevent any conversation with the same people Mr. West was sent to Washington to represent. 


Popular radio show? The ratings were so minuscule, Arbitron didn't even give them an asterisk. Typical lib scumbagette only there to disrupt a meeting of normal people.


What a joke! This is tamer than what his precious Tea Baggers do on a regular basis. Whats wrong, cant take what you dish out?


I think it is normal to ask a question at a town hall meeting. I would have liked to have  heard the answer to how is privatizing social security saving money? But if you know, I would like to hear from you

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