Is Reality Kings' Porn Star Bieyanka Moore Only 15 Years Old?

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This girl is a porn star. She might also be 15.
Brickell-based porn company Reality Kings might have a lawsuit on their hands. Miami New Times reported this morning that their current starlet, a lovely lady named Bieyanka Moore, might be only 15.

That's right -- very illegal.

So how did this all come about? In January 2010, a 15-year-old girl named C.S. ran away from her Palm Beach Shores home. Eight months later, a film lovingly dubbed Cum Fiesta debuted online featuring a new porn star, Bieyanka Moore.

C.S.'s mother, Sheritta Smalley, has filed a lawsuit against Reality Kings claiming Moore and her daughter C.S. are the same person. The suit also constitutes "sexual battery, statutory rape, [and] child pornography."

Well, it turns out that Reality Kings is flabbergasted. According to the company, it checked Moore's ID and even saw a printout of her social security card before booking her for gigs.

So who's at fault here? That's still debatable. But what is known is that the as-of-yet-unidentified male accomplice in Cum Fiesta could face statutory rape charges.

Check out the article from Miami New Times for more info.

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Yes, i am agree with you that Bieyanka Moore worked illegally in porn industry. Her age is only 15 and law can not give the permission to the teenagers foe doing this work.

Am I Bugging You?
Am I Bugging You?

Is New Times trying to get a boost of SEO traffic by constantly writing stories about "reality kings"? Now that's a story.


Actually, the lawsuit was recently filed and has not been reported.

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