Allen West "On the Hot Seat"?

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The author intended to write a caption but became sick to his stomach before he had the chance.
Sweet mercy, bring me strong liquor in large containers, for I have just learned that Allen West is "not a kitten kind of guy."

Yes. Allen West prefers puppies. Didja hear that? Puppies.

This information comes atcha courtesy of the Sun-Sentinel. No, it does not report that Allen West prefers puppies when looking for something to strangle with his bare hands, or that he enjoys biting off their horrible yapping heads when he tires of their demands for handouts. No. The Sentinel really is reporting that Allen West... likes puppies.

And that's not all!

When Allen West planted himself in the Sentinel's so-called "Hot Seat," he was asked not only about kitty cats and puppy dogs but also about his preferences in motorcycles, reality shows or dramas, guesting on Fox News or NBC, Donald Trump or Sarah Palin, and cocktail parties or tea parties.

His answers: Harleys (he's got a new one with a "patriotic paint job"), dramas ("There's a lot of drama in being a politician, so that fits me rather well"), both (Fox versus NBC depends on one's desired "level of intensity" -- occasionally NBC is "fun"), neither (given a choice between Trump and Palin, West signified his disapproval with a rude noise), and tea parties (he doesn't drink booze and has a special fondness for Earl Grey).

And there you have it! You can watch the whole thing here. When I watched, I noticed that the Sun-Sentinel newsroom hasn't changed much since I worked there as a high school student -- in fact, the spot where West is sitting looks like it might be the same desk where I once edited other teenagers' stories as part of the Sentinel's "Next Generation" program. As I recall, our journalism was not especially hard-hitting. But it was a helluva lot better than this.
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Virgil Starkwell
Virgil Starkwell

The Spartans considered puppies to be a delicacy. In fact, they would often celebrate a victory on the battlefield with a bowl of puppy stew.

What kind of a sissy is representing Florida's congressional district 22?

And what kind of a self-proclaimed patriot rides a rice burner? My grandfather fought in WW2.

I'm sorry, but I want someone a little more patriotic and manly than Allen West.

Military Lawyer
Military Lawyer

Except, of course, that he didn't say "Harleys." He said "Honda." Are you allowed to write a piece about a fun segment when it's clear that you didn't even pay attention to what was being said?

Voice of Reason
Voice of Reason

@Brandon "No, it does not report that Allen West prefers puppies when looking for something to strangle with his bare hands, or that he enjoys biting off their horrible yapping heads when he tires of their demands for handouts."

I think this is way over the top and not remotely amusing. By casting Allen West as sick, violent, and despicable only discredit yourself and your points of disagreement with Rep. West. I have no problem with folks disagreeing with a particular elected officeholder. But smearing them with no evidence by insinuating, even thru humor, that they indulge in animal cruelty, is not journalism or a quality critique. I am not even sure if it can qualify as yellow journalism. I'm sorry, but I am taken aback by this article.


Dude, (may I call you that?) he didn't say Harley. He said Honda. It was a not a "rude noise" at the mention of Trump or Palin, he was indicating the "buzzer sound" for next question. And I do agree with you regarding the Sun-Sentinel's level of journalism. Thank goodness we have your columns to add gravitas to the field!


Seems quite odd that the Nicole Sandler arrest for her appearance at West's Calvary Cult Hall in Ft Lauderdale has been ignored by the New Times. Professional jealousy or non event?


A Harley? At CPAC he said he rode a Honda. Who bought him that? Don't let any women get near his puppies less they loose their machismo.

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