Sylvia Poitier Cruises to Victory, Other Election Results

Random election results: 

UPDATED: The votes are in, and all of the races below are official. 

​​The first is that Sylvia Poitier is sailing to reelection in Deerfield Beach, despite all the scandal and her painfully obvious corruption. With only one precinct uncounted, just 714 people voted in her district, which isn't a good sign for our democracy. 

In Oakland Park, Shari McCartney has a strong lead over her two opponents with 18 of 22 precincts in. 

Diane Bendekovic has a 55-43 lead over Jerry Fadgen with 26 of 39 precincts reporting in the Plantation mayoral race. Also in that city, Lynn Stoner has a comfortable lead, so it looks like another loss for Hammond (Plantation, incidentally, has yet to ever elect a black commissioner). Sharon Uria is trouncing Dale Holness' cousin, Jeff, in a landslide. 

And one of the closest races is in Dania Beach, where Pat Flury has a tiny lead over Bobbie Grace. With 11 of 12 precincts reporting, Flury has 1,123 votes to Grace's 1,082, or 41 votes. 

Another close one is in Miramar, where Yvette Holt holds a hairline lead over Wayne Messam, 891 to 869, with 27 of 32 precincts counted.

Voter turnout looks abysmal at 10.5 percent. I think a lot of people took the "Don't vote, it only encourages them" route. 

See all the results live here

List of apparent winners inside. 
Dania Beach

Pat Flury*

Deerfield Beach

Sylvia Poitier
Joe Miller

Diane Veltri Bendekovic
Sharon Uria
Ron Jacobs
Lynn Stoner


Lori Mosely 
Wayne Messam*

Oakland Park

Shari McCartney
John Adornato

Pompano Beach

Woody Poitier

Hillsboro Beach

Dan Dodge*

Lighthouse Point

Glenn Troast

*Extremely close races with outcome that could possibly change with recount, absentee, etc.

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Rico Petrocelli
Rico Petrocelli

I agree with Mike. These elections need to be moved to November. When I recommended this while on Plantations council, it was turned down. Less than 15%, $180,000 in costs, each vote was over $20.00. In November close to 25,000 would vote, SOE costs of $25k, each vote= $1.00

I think Angelo Castillo also recommende mail, or Computer, online technology. I do have doubts about voting online, mail & November elections would not have a minotity in March, controlling the majority of the residents who are apathetic to voting in March, and bring them out in November.....Rico Petrocelli


The problem isn't apathy, the problem is holding elections in March instead of grouping them all together in November when more people are likely to show up but I guess the political hacks count on that and that is why they succeed


Stevens wrote this on his blog today in a letter to Peggy Noland:

"Yesterday, about 400 or so folks voted for Poitier. Heck, I get that many visitors to my blog in a few hours. So, let me ask you this question -- do 400 individuals, grossly out of touch with reality, speak for the 75,000 other people here in town?

It seems the removal of Poitier for illegal activities now falls solely on my shoulders. I guess, in the end, that's how it should be; I started this mess and it's up for me to clean it up. I'm good with that. See, I've known for years that between the two of us, only I have the courage to do what is right, necessary, and morally imperative. As for you, I remember watching as you illegally voted to approve your husband's pension increase.Poitier's toast. I will see to that."

Judge Roy Bean
Judge Roy Bean

So what does this say about the Chaz/Sylvia fight. Does Chaz come out swinging or does he slink off, never to be heard of again? Time will tell. What say you Timmy?


Was there ever a doubt that Sylvia would get re elected? There will be a parade on Dixie Hwy. Bring on the Mango festival, Sylvia needs to pay for her campaign expenses. The rubber stamp, aka the bug doctor, got re elected.


10% turnout? So how many of the 90% who didn't vote will then show up to protest the things done by the officials elected by the other 10%?


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Last we heard from Timmy, Poitier was getting..."Busted" .Now she is re-elected "WINNING" (the act of a person or thing that wins).......Chaz Stevens (dumbass) you got your butt kicked by a 74 year old lady!!! ..."WHINNING" (to complain or protest in a childish fashion)....PS ...NASA is looking for someone to test ride their new" jet propelled" bicycle!!!


It is a long story, but if I vote with my feet, there will be another Broward County foreclosure. And my feet are itching.

Nucky Thompson
Nucky Thompson

Poitier wins..Guess who's not coming to dinner - Chaz.


Heck I get that many visitors to my blog in an a few hours......Timothy if you have that many visitors, all of Deerfield Beach should have voted non Poitier ...I think you should concentrate on the 74,600 dysfunctional residents Some good advice ,lose the porn (geriatric) and the Ninja speaker.... LOL ....PS And you could learn something from Virgie ...although he is right 99% of the time he will swallow his pride and "ADMIT" when he screwed up!!!......"WHINNING"


So much for the influence of the "Gadfly" Maybe if he'd flown away the outcome would have been different.

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