Did Hell Freeze? New Times Gets Shout-Out From State Agency

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Watch out, the government is paying attention.
It's not often that a government official bothers to read -- much less publicly praise-- this rag. Politicians usually construct dart boards out of our cover stories and grumble about needing extra security to protect them against columnist Bob Norman.

But a recent issue of The PIP Source -- an unabashedly geeky newsletter put out by the state Division of Insurance Fraud -- actually recommends something we wrote: An exposé on the 1-800-411-PAIN Referral Service. The review is so positive we can hardly stand it.

You might want to check out this article, written by
Lisa Rab and published by the Miami New Times, called Crash Course: 411-Pain Network will line their pockets with your insurance money. It details the workings of an attorney referral service operated bya chiropractor in South Florida. Here is a quote from the article regarding the commercial with the actor portraying a police officer - "The commercial's message is simple. It tempts viewers with $10,000 but never explains that the doctors and lawyers, not the patient,will get the money." It is an informative article, including the following information - "In the past dozen years, the company has spent more than $13.2 million on advertising, according to court documents. More than 250,000 people"like" 411-PAIN's Facebook page." Take some time to read it.

Ah, swoon.

Still, it's good to know a government agency is taking an interest in 411-PAIN. Perhaps the Division of Insurance Fraud will bring us some more headlines about the company soon.

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amen brother, when will this state open its eyes to what is going on here

Richard Parillo
Richard Parillo

Insurers deny peoples claims in record numbers and not a single story in this paper to explain why. United Auto and other insurers have hired every big PR firm in this state to change the law so they can make it easier to deny claims. No story. They want doctors to give depositions before they pay the claim. No story. Insurers want very expensive arbitrations where the insurers pick the arbitrator that can deny the claim without any explanation. No story. Insurers like the laws that require people to buy this car insurance but do not want to be sued when they deny the claim for dumb reason. No story.

How is this paper so one sided? Give me a break.

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