David J. Stern's Foreclosure Firm Closes This Month

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The law offices of David J. Stern will close at the end of the month.
The law offices of David J. Stern, known as the "foreclosure king," are closing on March 31 after a highly publicized fall from grace and a state investigation of the firm's allegedly fraudulent foreclosure practices, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

The publicly traded affiliated document processing company, DJSP, filed documents with the SEC to announce its closing due to the scheduled shuttering of David J. Stern's law firm, the processing company's mainstay client.

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and other major clients sent their business elsewhere last fall, spurring the implosion of the firm and processing company, which employed more than 1,200 people at their peak. The Juice has been closely following the staff reductions, and now, the approximately 50 remaining employees are the last to walk out the door this month.

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Foreclosure Mill David Stern’s getting out of the foreclosure business seems as equivalent as saying Bernie Madoff is getting out of securities business. Everyone knows that Stern committed flagrant foreclosure frauds which, among other things, has caused an incalculable amount of people to become homeless –illegally!

Everyone knows that companies ceased sending foreclosure cases to Stern because of those frauds! But, unlike Madoff, Stern –and hundreds of lawyers who deliberately file fraudulent foreclosures have yet to face charges or prosecution. Instead, finger pointing is directed at Wall Street while the ELEPHANT is in the room, hiding in plain sight!

Whether or not anyone from Wall Street becomes prosecuted for financial frauds, certainly there needs to be jail time and reformation for the ELEPHANT –judicial collusion! The people who are responsible for tortious conduct, and deliberate engagement in manifest egregious Constitutional illegalities associated with foreclosures and mortgages need to required to pay $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Scores of people’s lives have been permanently damaged –courtesy of abhorrent illegal judicial tactics ! It is IMPOSSIBLE to resolve fraudulent foreclosures without addressing blatant wrongs occurring inside nationwide courtrooms by lawyers who file foreclosure proceedings!!

At nakedcapitalism, @ http://t.co/9bXCrpF Yves Smith was correct to decry an Alabama foreclosure court ruling, and Attorney Paul Jackson’s commendation of it. Mr. Jackson’s housingwire website contains much applause for Alabama’s ruling which upheld blatant foreclosure fraud, as well as praise for foreclosure lawyers. However, praise for foreclosure illegalities and fraud is an affront to homeless families because of foreclosure fraud and greed. Untrue to what Alabama and other courts, as well as Attorney Jackson (whose business is foreclosures) communicated, lenders are not always the ones who are foreclosing on their security interests! There are foreclosures that NEVER became returned to lenders or banks, but were fraudulently “credit bid” by “Straw Buyers” and judicial insiders. Thus, blight is a telltale sign! [example: "What happens when a bank begins to foreclose on a property, then changes its mind?" @ http://bit.ly/i5z3Py ] Emphatically, foreclosure lawyer are catalysts for the goal of getting property deeds recorded out of homeowners’ names; or maneuvering homeowners to believing they’ve lost ownership of their homes, so they move out. If people don’t move –some an eviction writ will be filed in some lender’s name. For decades, use of courtrooms in furtherance of real estate fraud has been the means for various participants to get slices of the “foreclosure pie.”

Further, none other than lawyers who file foreclosures and record property deeds after purported foreclosures have capacity to defraud Bankruptcy Courtrooms and homeowners by filing FALSE “Lift Automatic Stay” motions and “Proof of Claims.”

It is an appallingly unfair when lawyers file fabricated Bankruptcy court motions to unlawfully and deceptively defeat Bankruptcy Law provisions. Often, on behalf of lenders that have NO “standing,” lawyers quickly, fraudulently file “lift stay” and “dismissal” motions that defeat a “debtor’s” bankruptcy case. Through “Adversary” proceedings “debtors”might uncover information about lenders and servicers; and possibly debtors have been cheated out of “unsecured” debt “avoidance” –but for some lawyer illegitimately utilizing courtrooms to get people cases dismissed!

COURTS HAVE NO JURISDICTION over pleadings which LACK “STANDING.” Lawyers should NEVER be granted “Lift Stay” or “dismissal” motions when courts have no authority to preside!

Also, due to foreclosure fraud, lenders are filing false IRS forms 1099-A’s in homeowners’ name and social security numbers; and mortgage default insurance proceeds become paid to the first so-called lender that submits a claim –and the game begins again after the homes become flipped to someone new who is expected to default. Thus result from those 1099's for distressed property owners: a tax bill.

IT IS NOT AGAINST THE LAW TO OWE A DEBT, BUT IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO COLLECT THE DEBT VIA FRAUD AND EXTORTION. **Request for Congressional Foreclosure Panel to Examine Foreclosure Lawyers @ http://chn.ge/eU2zAm


Isn't the term "shuttering" as in "shuttering the doors and windows" and not "shuddering" as in "I was shuddering at the author's poor use of words."

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