Exposed: Judy Stern Played Secret Role In Mayoral Election

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For years, campaign operative and erstwhile politician Dan Lewis has claimed that his 2006 run against incumbent Jim Naugle for mayor of Fort Lauderdale was undermined by a conspiracy led by his nemesis, super-lobbyist Judy Stern.

For years, Stern has said she had nothing to do with that campaign, even making the claim in court documents.

Stern at a Fort Lauderdale Commission meeting
Well, a recent court filing shows that Lewis was right and Stern was, uh, wrong. And the new revelations shine more light not only on the shady and underhanded side of politics but also of our system of justice.

Before we get into the new evidence, a quick background. The case involves an out-of-the-blue candidate in the Lewis-Naugle race named Christopher Peer, whom Lewis describes as an "unknown barfly" and was certain was a straw candidate propped up by pro-Naugle forces to split the anti-incumbent vote.

In the heat of the race, Peer attorney Richard Rosenbaum filed a federal lawsuit claiming that Lewis had unlawfully acquired Peer's credit report. Lewis then filed a counterclaim alleging that Peer's lawsuit was untrue and frivolous and that it constituted an abuse of the courts in an attempt to influence the outcome of the election. The district court agreed with Lewis, awarding him a hefty $790,000 judgment against the hapless Peer.

Lewis claimed from the beginning that Stern, who supported Naugle, was involved in Peer's straw campaign and had pushed the frivolous lawsuit against him. Rosenbaum denied that and, in a letter that was admitted into the court proceedings, wrote to Stern: "I do not anticipate that you have any knowledge relevant to the Complaint or Counter-Claim, thus it appears to me that Mr. Lewis is simply 'on a fishing

expedition' and looking to waste your time."

Stern avoided being deposed by Lewis by claiming in court that she had no knowledge of the lawsuit, using Rosenbaum's rather unsubtle letter as evidence of it.

Rosenbaum's tune, however, has changed. Dramatically.

Lewis is now going after the lawyer for damages saying that he too abused the process and should joined in the Peer judgment. Last May, the federal appellate court agreed, writing that "there is overwhelming evidence that Rosenbaum knowingly pursued a frivolous case, and thus acted in bad faith."

More recently Lewis filed a complaint against Rosenbaum with the Florida Bar.

On January 26, Rosenbaum's attorney, John May, filed a motion to the federal court claiming that he had reason to believe that Lewis had in fact unlawfully obtained Peer's credit report at the time he filed the suit (Lewis actually obtained the information on a Westlaw database). 

In the motion, Rosenbaum admitted that Stern had in fact worked on Peer's campaign and that she had written him an email the day before he filed the suit in which she claimed that Lewis had unlawfully obtained Peer's credit report.

Rosenbaum now claims that he met with Stern on January 31, 2006, just three days before he filed the suit. "Rosenbaum met with Christopher Peer, Judy Stern, and Charles Malkus (who were assisting Peer in his campaign)," May wrote, "to discuss how Lewis might have obtained access to Peer's TransUnion Credit Report."

So the truth comes out. Rosenbaum also produced an email that Stern wrote him the day before he filed concerning a conversation she'd had with then-Sun-Sentinel reporter Buddy Nevins. From the Rosenbaum motion:

Richard Rosenbaum sent an email to Charles Malkus, asking whether Peer was "ever able to ascertain how Lewis got the credit report." A few minutes later (7:49 p.m.) Rosenbaum received an email from Judy Stem, in which she reported a conversation she had with Buddy Nevins (editor with the Sun-Sentinel). In this email Ms. Stem states:

Buddy Nevins personally told me yesterday that Dan made the statement that a private investigator got him the credit report, and Buddy couldn't understand what difference did that make since Dan personally used it.

Stern acknowledged that she sent the email to Rosenbaum and also said that it was she who recommended that Rosenbaum, whom she says is an old friend, represent Peer in the first place. Yet she maintains that she was not involved in Peer's campaign nor the lawsuit.

She also says that she had no involvement in propping up Peer, whom she described as a "kook who came out of nowhere," to run as a straw candidate to help Naugle secure victory (Naugle won the primary with 6,622 votes versus Lewis' 3,173 votes and Peer's 473). Stern said she was too busy running Charlotte Rodstrom's campaign for city commission to involve herself in the mayoral race.

"I never worked on Naugle's campaign, but I certainly gave him money when Dan Lewis was running against him," she said. "I may have given [Naugle] some newspaper clippings about  
Dan from his days in Miramar. But Dan never could have won that race. He never had the opportunity to win that race."

She also claims that, contrary to Rosenbaum's court filing, she doesn't remember ever meeting with Peer, who also denied meeting Stern during a deposition, though he acknowledged knowing that she was a powerful political player in town.

Lewis, meanwhile, says he feels vindicated.

"We knew she was involving in this from the beginning but we couldn't prove it," said Lewis. "I think people will be able to see the truth now."

To date, Peer hasn't paid a dime on the judgment and Lewis' case against Rosenbaum continues.

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I never would have believed that of all people Judy Stern would lie. Hell has truly frozen over.

City ACTIVIST Robert Walsh
City ACTIVIST Robert Walsh

This last comment sounds lie that fat slob xxxx-10 to 1 bitch i just saw her and she did say hello. So first we are in cohoots together to she would not say hi to me. what gives. To Bob Norman I am very impressed with your connections on all these topics from Judy Stern to Cindi hutchinson to scott strawbridge. While the Sun-Sentinel is sitting on the side lines. word has it that Att. Sheila Alu gives you alot of your info.She does realize if this is indeed accurate she is the one that could end up in the pokey. Think of it as this way you cannot leak or hinder an investigation before it plays out in court. It gives the defendant time to run or get a head start to defend themselves.Just a thought. Where do you get all your juicy pulp Bob???

City Activist Robert walsh
City Activist Robert walsh

I need to get a life, to I am up Judy stern's ass, to i (get this) brown nose judy Stern. # 1 Judy Stern does not need me to defend her. The connections (that so many of you are jealous of) she has that she has worked her tail off to get & can handle just about any of you. To this "ghost of whitey bulger' w/ your 3 packs of cigerettes a day and that your dying etc. seems to me you have been dying for almost a year now. As far as this law suit that you report on Bob at best this is a civil matter I hardly think the State att. is going to charge her w/ anything. Some of you got beat by her plain and simple. And the jab that she was hanging out with the wrong crowd to the bad choice's she made when she was younger etc. Well who hasn't made bad choices in life.I know your all perfect. The proof is in the pudding. Case in point i have met her daughter and I got to tell you she is very nice and judy has done a great job bringing her up from her manners to the way she carries herself(good job Judy). I am very impressed w/ Barbie. Lets see you raise children on your own and have them turn out like her daughter. That being said judy Stern has worked very hard to get where she is. No silver spoon (born) w/ her. lastly alot of you think that you can play dirty so to speak let me tell you other people can play dirtier. Enough said. Next ..Play fair guys.As far as us being in cahoots we do have a mutual friend that we both like alot and will and would do anything we can to help that person.

City Activist Robert walsh
City Activist Robert walsh

Oh here we go again" Judy stern "being the informant & to her mob ties. and to" krinkel sac "there please. Judy stern can take care of herself-trust me. As far as her connections to the FBI -possible i'll give you that. also as far as Att.Alu-like the sayin goes if the shoe fits wear it. Now this other items about her snitching on people. she doesn't have to. she w/ her contacts could get anyone to do her dirty work or vendettas as you imply. As far as her being tied to the Underworld whitey Bulger and the likes -no way.Don't feel bad all my connections are snitching in NYC at this very moment. Let them, sing,sing like canaries. As far as Judy stern eat your wheaties when you go up against her.

Robert Malove
Robert Malove

I represented Dan Lewis in the State court Declaratory action seeking to have Peer thrown off the ballot since he was not a resident of Ft. Lauderdale. I politely told Richard Rosenbaum, who I thought was my fiend and who had served on my steering committee when I ran for judge in 2006, that I never accessed Peer's credit report and that the West Law People Finder listed Peer's last known address as being in Ocala. The West Law People Finder listed Trans Union as the source for Peer's Ocala address. Mr. Rosenbaum doesn't want to admit it, but he knows the truth.

Robert David Malove


Oh Robert, Robert, Robert Walsh, come boy, defend momma like always. You know throw those Norman/Alu comments out there, momma stern needs deflection asap. Tell them what a tough cookie I am.



Bob, please know my comment to give up my IP address was not to imply you would, but merely to suggest you or your paper not put up a fight when Judy sues.

I couldn�t sleep last night, just stared at the ocean. No better sight than the moonlight off the ocean tankers. Thank goodness Judy didn�t get the natural gas (no not oil as others have lied about) tanker off my balcony. The nights are rough now, it is hard to breathe without help. Too many years of smoking 3 packs a day will do that do you.

Got an email from an old friend, Judy is threatening to sue and says I am in cahoots with Norman. Don�t email, just file already. I don�t have enough time to play these games. I just want to live long enough to see you deposed.

In order to understand the present you have to understand the past. In the early 80s, this was a very small town and everyone had cash. The lawyers, even prosecutors and public defenders were friends. Everyone knew everyone and partied with each other. It was the 80s, a Corvette in every driveway with coke, weed and cash hidden in the freezer.

Judy was a typical Long Island JAP. Married the wrong guy and became estranged from her family. She then came to work as a secretary at PD's office. Back then she was a stunning woman, fun to party with and so forth. Made friends easy, manipulated the office gossip and always appeared to be loyal.

After awhile she went with Howard when he opened shop. Howard was one of the best criminal defense lawyers of that time. Everyone always wondered how he could use so much and yet remain untouchable. Judy and Howard used to drop the names of their clients to NARC's like Officer Scott Israel.This is where she learned how to trade inside information for protection. It worked well for her, she got in with Ham Forman and moved into polite society. Before the rivalry with Barb Miller and Dan Lewis. Judy was at war with Bev Stracher. Bev was far more educated, well spoken and liked than Judy. They ran some early campaigns together and then split. To me it�s more than a coincidence that Bev Stracher is dragged into the Eggelletion mess.

Judy's specialty was finding dirt. She can tie loose ends better than anyone. Her best asset is a memory for names and connections that is second to none. People always wonder why she was involved with so many campaigns without being paid...

Here is an example why, Judy gets the good and bad on a candidate she is willing to help. She explains how she can hide the dirt or worse, has dirt on the other side. The candidate wins, but Judy still has a file with the dirt so that candidate will always fall in line. Nothing new, J. Edgar did it for years.

That is it for now. When I am up to it, I will try to post some more. Good days, bad days. For those keeping track, my IP address changed from yesterday because I am at McDonalds. The IP from yesterday is from my house.


Sure seems like the former posts of the Ghost of Whitey Bulger were right on. Here is a reminder. So Bob did Stern or anyone else ever sue to reveal the ip address of Mr. Bulger? No, that sure seems to imply Whitey may be true. Also, Bob have you heard in the Eggeletion investigation there was a female unnamed informat, if so seems Whitey may have called that one too.

As I sit here and look at the sunset, I see my own personal sunset approaching. Its been a fun ride in old Broward town. Once a mover and a shaker, its only my hands that shake now.

Why do you think Judy Stern is untouchable? For the same reason Whitey Bulger was untouchable for years in Boston. Judy is a RAT. She gives just enough dirt to investigative bodies to screw others in exchange for those same people to look away at her dirty deeds.

She is not shy about it. Mayo, Lyons and Wyman, how many dirty stories has Judy told you over the years? How did she always seem to know who was under investigation?

How many out there has Judy bragged too about being questioned by the Feds and they did nothing. They said the same about Whitey Bulger.

I have known Judy for 30 years. Talk to her for five minutes and she will tell you about all the lawyers, judges, US Attorneys, FDLE and State prosecutors she worked with or knows.

You think Finkelstien was not helped a little when his former secretary (Judy) gave up some of their own clients to get Howard a lighter sentence.

The current investigation in Fort Lauderdale is focusing on Commissioners Dubose and Rogers, because they supported the former City Manager.

Do we believe that Eggelletion would not have given up Stern for a lighter sentence? Of course he would have. He kept quiet because he figured out she was working for the Feds.

She has bragged of wearing a wire on public officials and taping their calls for years.

Have you figured who I am yet Judy? Are you going to sic Heron on me again with a "John Doe" lawsuit for blogging about you? Maybe Norman will not hand over the IP Address like Wyman did the last time. You didn�t seem so tough when I requested your deposition to be taken and you offered to settle if I signed a confidentiality agreement. Yeah, I broke it! You and Heron come get me.Don�t fight em Bob, give em my IP. I am sitting in my living room on my home internet. Nothing they can do to me now that the Almighty is not doing to me even worse


Ruthless! Now that it's coming out and the people are starting to see the under belly of politics in Broward, any honest decent prospective candidate should run in the other direction from Judith Sern and never have her invovled in their campaign(it will come back to bite tem soeday due to her shady tactics). In fact considering her past, she should be barred from politics. She's not to be trusted!

Justice for All
Justice for All

A LEGAL MALPRACTICE suit has been filed against Barry G. Roderman and Barry G. Roderman & Associates of Ft. Lauderdale - in Palm Beach County - 15th Judicial - Re: Kasman v. Kasman.

Suit alleges Fraud, Perjury, Legal Malpractice, Unjust enrichment & Breach of Fiduciary duties. Roderman is being sued for $5,000,000.00. Roderman's "dear" friend Carol A. Kartagener, Esq., of Weiss Handler is the subject of a ongoing probe by the Florida Bar in this matter as well.


Sure looks to me like they burned Rosenbaum and he's spilling the beans. The only problem, he's making himself part of the conspriracy. He's the one who lied in court docs. Making a statement he knew not to be true.

All of these power brokers and the pols they control need to be thrown out on their asses. Prosecute them for the crimes they commit. make them pariahs.

Nucky Thompson
Nucky Thompson

Judy Stern lied....what's the next story "dog bites man".


So, is Judy Stern going to be sued by Lewis or is this a big I told you so?


You clearly say in this ranting post that Stern needs no help in defense, but you clearly seem to defend her. LOL.

10 to 1 odds says that Stern wouldn't say hi to you if you saw her on the street. LOL

Get a life. Stop calling yourself an activist. LOL


You have your nose up Sterns ass. Dude you need to get a life.


Robert, I assume you mean fRiend. Another classic slip of the keyboard.

And thank you, Mr. Krinklesack, for spinning some yarn here. History is an endangered species in Broward Town.


That was a good one, Nucky!

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