Federal Pill Mill Raid Shuts Pain Clinics Across South Florida

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Commercial Medical Group, one of the raided businesses.
The feds have taken note of South Florida's illegally run "pill mills," and a yearlong undercover investigation culminated in an early-morning raid today. It focused on mills that flouted prescription laws. Rounded up in the sweep was Zvi Perper, a Delray clinic owner and son of the Broward medical examiner -- click over to the Pulp for details.

The Sun-Sentinel witnessed a raid taking place at a clinic in Oakland Park. That paper is reporting that
hundreds of officials from a number of agencies (state, local, and federal) were involved in the three-county sweep. Officials plan to release more details at a news conference this afternoon.

Rick Scott has recently been throwing up some obstacles to a proposed set of tighter restrictions on pill mills, including a patient monitoring database. Meanwhile, Attorney General Pam Bondi has vowed to take an aggressive stance on pill mills, appointing Dave Aronberg as the Palm Beach County-based liaison for enforcement efforts.

Federal officials convened in West Palm Beach last October to address the problem of prescription drug abuse; the not-yet-ousted Drug Czar Bruce Grant spoke of a rampant problem in Florida. Of course, U.S. Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske refused to acknowledge a place for legalized medical marijuana -- possibly the most effective way to curb pain pill abuse.

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Sandra T
Sandra T

if a pill takes a person's pain away then I say give it to them as nobody should ever have to live in pain all there lives!!!!! Just think if the table was reversed and you had to live in horrible pain...it can happen to you and probably will one of these days.


These are a far cry from a visit to your local physician. But if you have pain, especially chronic pain, you will be the one to pay for Florida's lackadaisical attitude toward these pill mills. Basically this bill only keeps the people who dont abuse pills from using them, it wont stop any of the baddies.

I have chronic pain and an autistic toddler. I dont abuse pills, and boy howdy, if they fixed what was wrong with my stupid spine I would be happy to be rid of them. But now I have to drag my terrified son into the clinic with me once a month so the feds can feel that there is enough control. The only pills that are getting abused are oxycodone anyway, so why not just ban it and be done with it? I dont use it, had it for a surgery once and never even cared that it was around. But now my piddly little hydrocodones are making me spotlighted like a criminal. Anyone who wants to feel sick can go ahead and pop a few of those I guess. I dont really care anymore. I am so depressed from them making me feel like a junkie that I just dont care. Its wrong.

wouldn't you like to know dea
wouldn't you like to know dea

If a doctor prescribes you a medication because your in pain and you have legitimate reason for needing it, then why are they criminals? Just because some idiots don't know how to take there meds right and they overdose i say if your dumb enough to overdose you deserve it. there are plenty of PATIENTS not criminals, that need these medications and the DEA are a bunch of bullies and treat everyone like a criminal drug addict even though they are in serious pain and want nothing but to live a better life. Putting restrictions on clinics and pharmacies does nothing but put innocent people in the middle of the DEA's failed war on drugs. They can't do there jobs right and catch the people that are criminals and dealers, so they cut off innocent PATIENTS from getting the help they need. sure if the doctors aren't running a tight ship and are doing illegal business then yes they need to be punished, but stopping the MEDICATION from being dispensed is not going to do anything but turn innocent people into heroin addicts. if they get rid of opiate medications then people are just going to find more dangerous illegal opiates on the street. and that will flood the streets with dealers and junkies, i say that the dea should do there jobs without hurting innocent people. like i said they are a bunch of media hog bullies, and they aren't even putting a dent in the illegal drug trade, all they're doing is making things worse.

dr dea
dr dea

im tired of the government telling me what i can and can not do, fuck you DEA scumbags

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