Say Goodbye to Broward County and Hello to BroCo, Bro

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Welcome to BroCo, bro.
What's in a name? For some people, a whole lotta nothing. Take, for example, musicians Marshall Mathers and Elgin Lumpkin. They weren't marketable with the name mom gave 'em, so they upgraded to Eminem and Ginuwine.

Likewise, Broward County commissioners and the Sun-Sentinel's Michael Mayo think we might be better off with a change to Lauderdale County. No doubt Broward County is not sexy. But Lauderdale County is?

So if our commissioners insist a name change is the way to go, here are our suggestions.

4. Blotterdale County
Named, of course, for our city's love of all things drug-related. We're sure all those
acid-taking, hippie-chic clubbers will support it. And it even rhymes with Lauderdale. See? Now wasn't that easy?

3. Gaydardale County
Fort Lauderdale has long been known as the premier vacation destination for the LGBT community, so it's only fitting that we pay homage to the lifestyle. After all, the Fort Lauderdale port was the first to say "bon voyage" to the world's largest gay and lesbian cruise charter February 6. Don't hate it. Embrace it, Gaydardale.

2. Oxy County
Nothing is more appropriate than referencing Oxycontin, the pill of choice for pill mill clientele. Good thing, because we have more pain clinics within our county limits than any other Florida county -- or the entire country, for that matter. Go us!

1. BroCo
If you're heading down to Himmarshee in your pimped-out Chrysler 300, wearing your best Ed Hardy, planning for a night of fist bumps and booty grabs, what better name is there to represent the 954? BroCo, bro.

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We should really choose a name based on what we're known for nationally and internationally.

CorrupCo--for the corrupt politicians arrested near weekly.

Fort Fagg--I just like it better than "Gaydar" dale..but that's very good.

And my very favorite: Ponzi-Dale. That way everyone will know just exactly where we're located.

Stefan Kamph
Stefan Kamph

"Said Commissioner Stacy Ritter: 'I think the idea stinks.'

Ritter is among those who want to pump up the Broward name."


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