Allure of the Seas Crew Member Murdered on Stopover in Mexico

In mid-November, the world's largest cruise ship arrived at its new home in Port Everglades to throngs of cheering fans. Soon it embarked on its maiden voyage, a cruise of the Caribbean -- including a stop at Labadee, Haiti, an isolated hamlet just miles from the cholera and destruction of Port-au-Prince.

But the ship's first real tragedy came on Saturday, when 32-year-old Polish crew member Monika Markiewicz was killed on the beaches of Cozumel, allegedly by a 24-year-old Mexican bartender. Nelson Perez Torres told Mexican authorities that
he and Markiewicz had been seeing each other for a few months.

He said that she met him at the bar where he worked, Barracuda, and that the two of them walked to a remote beach last Saturday evening. He told police that when he tried to kiss her, she resisted, and he hit her in the head with a rock and threw her body into the ocean.

Markiewicz worked as a musician aboard the 5,400-passenger ship. "We thank the Mexican authorities for their commitment to quickly solving the murder of our crew member, Monika Markiewicz.  Her untimely death is tragic and has saddened all of us at Royal Caribbean," said CEO Adam Goldstein.

The Mexican newspaper La Cronica de Hoy reported on the incident. Allure of the Seas' next departure from Fort Lauderdale is scheduled for Sunday.

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What a farce.  Of course the cruise line makes a statement like this and Coz forces this young man into a false confession.  What's the alternative?  Scaring tourists AWAY from travel to Mexico.  I don't believe this woman had an affair or knew this boy. I don't believe he killed her. His family is adamantly denying ANY involvement and is claiming a forced confession. Easy to believe, yes, but just not believable as these cruise ship P.R. staff are notorious for covering up crimes just to cover their butts.  I'd never go on a cruise. They are not safe. Period.  Be a victim of a crime on a cruise ship, or off it for that matter, and they'll make up some story that you have a long term relationship with a stranger and just run off with him in a strange place. I think not. NEVER ever trust these organizations.

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