Two Townhomes Wait for a Brave Builder

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Photos by Eric Barton
To document the depth of the housing crisis, New Times is profiling some of South Florida's forgotten homes.

: These two townhomes sit at the center of Fort Lauderdale's Victoria Park neighborhood, at the corner of NE Sixth Avenue and NE Sixth Street.

Time abandoned: Work ceased three years ago.

State of disrepair: Construction appears to have stopped at the cinder blocks. Electrical wires were fashioned to the utility pole, but with nothing to attach
them to, they end at a makeshift tripod feet from the structure. Plywood put up to frame a balcony rots in the elements.

Availability: Realtor Jason Johnson has the two townhomes listed for $375,000. He says the
610 NE 6th St.JPG
owner simply decided not to finish the project. "It's not one of those situations where they started working and couldn't finish it," Johnson says. "He just doesn't like to do residential and decided to put it up for sale." Unlikely story, you say? "I don't care if you don't believe me," Johnson says, "but the owner just decided not to finish it.

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Sixth and Sixth the center of Victoria Park? Lived here for long? Check your newcomer's map.

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