A Victoria Park Spiral Staircase to Nowhere

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Photos by Eric Barton

To document the depth of the housing crisis, New Times is profiling some of South Florida's forgotten homes.

Location: At the east end of Broward Boulevard, just west of when it becomes Victoria Park Road, in the tony Colee Hammock neighborhood.

Time abandoned: Unknown. Inchian Properties LLC, bought the land in 2005, at the
height of the housing bubble, for $570,000. Construction on the new structure appears to have
1608 E. Broward Blvd 2.JPG
stopped years ago.

State of disrepair: Construction stopped after the cinder-block frame was built for the lower level. The only signs that a second story was coming is the rebar sticking up skyward from the wall frames -- and the half-built spiral staircase to nowhere. Waist-high weeds grow where floorboards should lie. In September, a city code inspector cited the owner for failing to put up safeguards around the pool.

Availability: Unknown. A sign on the structure advertises a number that has been disconnected, and Inchian isn't listed in the book.

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No problemo.Contact the owner: CONWAY, JAMES C911 N DIXIE FREEWAYNEW SMYRNA BEACH FL 32168

And it's "Inchian LLC" not "Inc."

The Pulp Blog
The Pulp Blog

Right you are, JSkool101. I've uploaded the item.


how about a story on the property tax breaks these developers are getting while they live in beautiful homes but leave their construction sites in a state of disrepair ...as opposed to long term residents working hard to maintain, then penalized with increases?

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