Strip Club Owner Donates Big Bucks to Elementary School; Officials Freak Out

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Would you use this cash?
Poor Joe Rodriguez. The owner of the Cheetah Gentlemen's Clubs in Pompano Beach and West Palm Beach tries to do the right thing, and he's totally misunderstood.

In 2007, he launched Rodriguez Charities Inc., a nonprofit that aims to served the "needy and underprivileged," according to its website. The charity quietly began donating money to such unobtrusive causes as Toys for Tots and the American Cancer Society. They even gave the Blanche Ely High School marching band in Pompano $7,500 for a trip to Washington, D.C.

Everything was peachy, until Rodriguez tried to help elementary school kids.

Roosevelt Elementary is a West Palm Beach school where most of the students can't afford to buy lunch, much less a lap dance.

Last week, Rodriguez presented a giant, $10,000 check to Roosevelt's principal, and invited the media to help celebrate. Suddenly, a strip club king was posing in a photo with a school principal, and things got weird.

The Palm Beach Post ran a story saying that Palm Beach County school district officials would make Roosevelt return the money, because accepting funds from "adult entertainment establishments" violated district policy. 

Yesterday, though, district spokesman Nat Harrington backed off the threat. He said the policy doesn't apply to this type of donation, and it was up to principal Glenda Garrett to decide if she should keep the dough.

In fact, the charity's website indicates it previously gave $8,000 to Roosevelt. There's a photo of the school's sign proclaiming, "Thank you to Rodriguez Charities."

"It's the principal's decision. There's no policy specifically about that," Harrington said.

Garrett couldn't be reached for comment.

Rodney Kimbrough, manager of Cheetah Palm Beach, said he hadn't heard the final verdict on what would happen to the disputed donation. 

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This whole thing came to light due to the butting in of Anthony "Antonio" Verdugo and the "Christian Family Coalition". (CFC) Christian? What a laugh. Mr. Verdugo has repeatedly sought donations and contributions for the CFC as a "nonprofit" implying that donations are deductible, although according to the IRS it isn't. A lie perpetuated by Mr. Vordugo and those directly involved with the CFC. In 2000, Mr. Vordugo played an important role in delivering 51,000 signatures on a petition to the Miami-Dade Supervisor of Elections calling for a referendum to repeal the sexual-orientation protections. It was determined that the petition provided false information as at least a fourth of the signatures belonged to unregistered voters or were fake. ( Another lie by Mr. Vordugo. Mr. Vodugo is a Christian antigay activist. Should he be compared to Christian-right leader George Alan Rekers, also an active antigay activist who now tours the country with a young gay male he hired from a well-known gay web site and who has admitted his intimate gay relationship with Rekers. ( The message Mr. Vordugo seems to be sending children is that as long as you do it in the name of the Lord it is okay to lie or do pretty much anything you want to, as long as you get what YOU want in the end. I wonder how close to his colleague Mr. Rekers Mr. Vordugo really is? I mean, maybe more than the skeletons shared in this post needs to come out of his closet.

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